Profile: Claire

You can call me… Claire

I identify as… an underweight, formerly physically inter-sexed woman trapped in a man who’s stuck in a woman’s body. XXY, now exclusively with girl parts only.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … female…although 5 out of 100 times someone will address me as male, assuming I’m a teenage boy (as opposed to 28 year old woman).

I’m attracted to… women, usually of the foreign & boyish/femme/brunette/tall kind.

When people talk about me, I want them to… speak freely. I honestly don’t mind how I’m spoken about- if I’m not around to hear, how am I to know or care? What annoys me are when people are rude/offensive to my face, although I’ve learned how to “neutralize” a situation (years of practice!).

I want people to understand… that gender is more than social roles, clothing and genitals- it’s a deeply woven understanding of oneself and how each of us makes sense and translates the world around us. Gender is the language by which we communicate and receive information. It’s a feel, a hunch…just who we are, and not everyone is the same. Thankfully!

About Claire
I’m a human, everything else is unimportant :)

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Posted by on December 31st, 2011 at 08:00 am

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3 Responses to “Profile: Claire”

  1. Jen Lillie

    You’re almost as cute as your cat! :)


  2. Gail

    Very nice meeting you :-)


  3. InfinitySquared

    I know it’s off-topic, but that is a gorgeous cat! Makes me want to cuddle that beautiful plush fur… And he (she? Hmm…) seems to be perfectly fine with being held that way, going, “Yeah, she holds me that way sometimes; it’s okay, she’s cool, so I’ll put up with it for now…” Heh.

    yeah, I’m a cat person.

    Oh, and love the glasses. Very nice look for you.


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