Profile: Diego / Najib Zagal

A person with facial piercings and short hair lying on their front and looking at the camera with a neutral expression.

You can call me… Diego/Najib Zagal

I identify as… FtM Trans queer guy/DK (and a lot of tags when people don’t know what it means to just be “Diego”). Sometimes so femme (my gay side), emotional, you know, like a princess. Sometimes just another dude in the city.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Masculine (he, him, his).

I’m attracted to… Girls, guys, bois, FtM, MtF, queer, bigendered… ok! Just people. No matter what “sticker” they have, but if they (like me) hate tags, then I’ll love them!

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about my freedom, my art, and see this could be the fire starter to let them be themselves, without gender rules, without costumes stolen from MTV.

I want people to understand… who is behind this strange guy on the computer. When this life isn’t like “The Hills,” and being gay isn’t a way to be “in,” like a mode.

If I don’t have a penis then I don’t have to be a “macho,” and if I’m dating another transguy, then we aren’t dykes, just two bisexual/pansexual/gay/queer bois.

In Mexico, this is hard. Older transguys think this way is ridiculous and being trans has to be a big secret.

My father supports my transition, but he thinks I’m exposed making my labour in Translatinos (Latin youtube channel). But I believe we -DK/Trans/liberal partners and I- can change little by little these wrong ideas.

About Diego/Najib Zagal
Moderator in Translatinos youtube’s channel, performer in ODKM (Original Drag King Mexico). Bisexual/pansexual trans guy living on Mexico City.

Less than 25 years old, more than 20. I just love humans! Our bad, good, ugly, pretty, sad, happy, angry, and all our sides.

I think androgyny is the perfect thing.

I love piercings and photography, I’m trying to go ahead with a documentary about the variants in the Trans umbrella.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Diego / Najib Zagal”

  1. radical/rebel

    hey, I love love love this profile. so cool to see a trans person pushing the boundaries of what it means to be trans in their culture, articulate things really well, and be pro-queer, from someone outside the US.

    your attitude of “we can change people’s understandings” really inspires me. <3


  2. Meike

    You seem like a beautiful person and a wonderful young man. Keep it up, Diego!


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