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You can call me… Frankie, but for simplicity, my given name Ruth works fine. but I’ve been trying to get people to call me Francis since i was 7. I’m finally, very slowly, convincing my friends to call me Frankie. its andogynous enough to make everyone happy.

I identify as… a polysexual/soul-sexual, Genderqueer boi, Comic book Geek, punk rock wanna-be-god(dess), oxymoronic Relativist-Christian, whose mind tells the christian brain cells to get stuffed anytime the topics of gender, sexuality or marriage come up in thought or conversation with people outside of my imagination.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Female are fine, they’ve worked for the majority of the past 21 years. but the odd masculine ones tell me I’m doing something right. I love it when the old men that come in to buy their morning coffee call me “son” or “sonny”, even though my name-tag says Ruth. but i feel kinda sorry for them when they see my name-tag and have to back-track and apologize. it’s hard to explain to 70 or 80 something people that i chose to live outside the gender binary.

I’m attracted to… human-beings. guys, girls, in-betweens. kind-hearted people with intelligence and creativity. people i can feel emotionally safe with.
Strong women (more boi than butch, but they gotta have a feminine side too). Feminine guys (but if they start acting like the girl in the relationship it’s gonna be the end of the relationship, just ask my last boyfriend Ben)..

When people talk about me, I want them to… know who i am before they speak. if they have questions and curiosities they should be speaking TO me, not ABOUT me.
if they wanna talk about me as a musician, go ahead. as a procrastinating slacker Anthropology/History student, well, that I’m accustomed to.
if they wanna talk about my clothing choices, behavior, gender, sexuality, or my religion, they can get stuffed and catch the next express bus to Hell and stay there till they’ve learned their manners and stepped into the 21st century.

I want people to understand… that my opinions are not formulated out of hearsay and fiction, but from my own experiences and beliefs. they aren’t meant as insults or attacks on another person’s religion or opinions. I just like honesty. my Christian friends are slowly getting comfortable with my blatant anti-christian beliefs, I’m sorry, but evolution did happen, if you wanna believe in Creation, then YOUR God is a monkey. mine’s a non-corporeal omnipresent spirit that forgives, not punishes, just because i chose to disagree and be different. He created me, whatever becomes of me is his plan and not completely my fault.

About Frankie
21 years old, still figuring out where i fit into this world. I’m a musician, writer, artist and student. majoring in both anthropology and history, with a minor in First Nations Studies (no, I’m not native). after this I want to go into education, because I wanna Change the world (even if it is just my little corner of it), and the only way we’re going to create a better future for anyone and everyone is to start with children and youth. and because if I had had a teacher like me, I would have been way more open to be honest to both myself and those around me. growing up being “the tomboy kid” and being mocked for having short hair isn’t the most fun childhood/teens I can imagine.

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  1. J.D.

    You and I have much in common. It’s always good to hear from another comic book geek whose dealt with the mental war with religion.


  2. Puck

    Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by “the girl” in the relationship?


    Elle replied:

    Good question.


  3. Frankie/Crow

    yeah… that was kinda a gender stereotype. he just started getting very clingy. would get worried if i didn’t answer my phone, assumed there was something horribly wrong if i wanted to spend an afternoon hanging out with my friends instead of him, and he always wanted to cuddle. I’ve got nothing against a good cuddle, but he had strict boundaries when it came to PDAs and sex. He started acting like my older sister does in relationships, and she’s definitely not my type..
    And then he proceeded to try to fix all the non-girly things about me. 5 months after we broke up he was still telling me to pull up my pants whenever we crossed paths.


  4. kendall

    nice vancouver jersey…oh and sometimes girls arent girls in the relationship just sayin lol


  5. Courage

    You’re so absolutely right about how much easier it would have been if you’d had a teacher like yourself. I hope you do become a teacher, try middle or high school, when it counts the most. As a teen, waking up everyday and for the first time in your life seeing someone you could see yourself growing up to be like is such a relieving and amazing feeling. It sure has made a huge impact in my life and I am sure you will make many students eternally grateful to have known you.


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