Profile: Happy

Person with facial piercings and a pompadour, the sides of their head shaved, wearing a necklace and a tank top.

You can call me… Happy

I identify as… an XX – whilst accepting every possible real or imaginary masculine aspect of my personality and appearance. Phew.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I am a firm believer in ‘they’ singular and am dying to meet someone who I can ask “what pronoun do you prefer me use?”

I’m attracted to… aesthically: my man-friend; FTM transgender or transexuals; hairy men with beards; skinny androgynous boys; men who have in the past experimented with both sexes but prefer females…
intellectually: my man-friend (fortunately!); lovers of poetry and classic literature; a beautiful gravelly voice; artists, pro-feminists, pro-masculinists…

When people talk about me, I want them to… say nice things and mean it.

I want people to understand… that one can have punk hair without having to scare old ladies, be vegan without being weird, be feminine without having to be girly, be masculine without being violent, be feminist without hating men.

Oh, and that a smile is the most beautiful thing… except when taking arty photos of course :P

About Happy
I study at University in the UK (yes, I am British and I would spell ‘realize’ with an ‘s’).
I am also a veg*an feminist with a hippy side who wakes up with either a 1950s banana-quiff or a 1978 punk-mohawk.

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Posted by on August 13th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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6 Responses to “Profile: Happy”

  1. Anonymous

    Liva La Vegan! :D


  2. mimi



  3. Tasha

    I think you’re my twin!


  4. Adrian

    “be feminine without having to be girly”
    I love that distinction.


    Als replied:

    Agreed. I’m currently training myself into saying “girly” when girly is what I mean. I have no idea how I’d really define feminine and masculine anyway, tbh!


  5. Noah

    Aha! You’re the lady version of me, I think. I would love for someone to ask me my preferred pronouns. Unfortunately, assumptions run rampant in my state of existence.


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