Profile: Ian

You can call me… almost anything, but I get called Ian, Beastie or Hobbledehoy most often.

I identify as… mad, a geek, a fag, a fanboy, a spaz, an icon, a self-made man, a poet, a film lover, chaotic neutral, a heathen, a stray, a Slytherin, a loser, a pervert, a libertine, a punk, a dandy, an intellectual, a rationalist, a spiritual being, a bohemian, a vagabond, a polyamorist, a queer, a feminist, a Thelemite, a writer, hypersane.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I like the male ones, and find the inanimate object ones endearing in certain circumstances.

I’m attracted to… people who remind me of who I am, people who remind me of who I’d like to be, people who like the same shit as me so we can carry on ridiculously long geeky intellectualized adorably lame conversations, people who intrigue and challenge me, people who take the time to understand my crazy, people who believe wholeheartedly in free love and sacred sexuality, people who write, people who read, people who spend more time talking about a movie than it takes to watch it, people as socially awkward and sexually complicated as I am, people with more talents than I have, people with more quirks but less crazy than I have, people too interesting to get bored.

When people talk about me, I want them to… go into great detail, and say it to my face.

I want people to understand… life, the universe, and everything.

About Ian
I’m a lot of things, but the most currently relevant of those are early admission college student and rising super senior, film major with writing and acting emphasis, and aspiring author/screenwriter/director.

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17 Responses to “Profile: Ian”

  1. Anonymous

    I love that scarf!


  2. Keanan

    Yes. Another queer Slytherin with a Mohawk (well I don’t have one yet but I’m working on it).


  3. Oliver

    Why is it that all the wonderful queers I hear about end up on the Internet where I never meet them in real life? You sound awesome, Ian. I love the scarf.


  4. Darcy Taya

    Hufflepuff, man! HUFFLEPUFF


  5. Elle

    Awesome scarf! Tom Baker would be proud. :)


    Dazza replied:

    This site houses a glorious amount of Doctor Who references.

    Also: Gryffindoor


  6. Popin

    Ian, you sound amazing!


  7. Paris

    Hey Ian, you remind me of myself, lol. I have a scarf I made that looks similar to yours. With a scarf like that, you must be awesome. I prefer male pronouns too. You rock! Keep being who you were designed to be.


  8. Leon

    I’m with Darcy, Hufflepuff dude. Find, and all that jazz.
    Though there are some amazing Slytherins, so won’t be holding that against you ;]


  9. Hodge Podge

    Is it really boring to want to be in Gryffindor?


  10. kendall

    figures I’d be ravensclaw, an outside amongst outsiders always.


    Leon replied:

    my older brothers a ravenclaw


    gil replied:

    it wasn’t till my final semester of college, age 25, that I realized I didn’t want to be in gryffindor. (though I didn’t formulate it to myself that way at the time!) who are those ravensclaw folks anyways? do we ever get to hear much about them? ah, the uncomplicated logical universe of j.k. rowling…


    Leon replied:

    mate, Cho Chang.

  11. Anonymous

    Why do you like being called “it”? I would feel weird calling someone it, because it seems so offensive to me…
    Does anyone else here think like being referred to as it?


    Nai replied:

    Yes, I have heard about it occasionally. I think “it” can be used in a tongue-in-cheek way. Although it’s more commonly used in an offensive way, I will use whatever pronouns people want (but I would make sure everyone else knows that’s what the person prefers, and that I’m not just being a transphobic asshole or something).


  12. kendall

    taking ‘it’ back? <–see what I did there ahuhuhuh


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