Profile: Izzy

You can call me… izzy

I identify as… a post-operative transexual who is proud of who she was, is and is going to be

a friend once described me as “a girl with a gay-male up bringing” which i think in some ways is quite true

As far as third-person pronouns go, … please use the female pronouns for me thanks

I’m attracted to… masculinity (although not the beer swilling football watching kind :P) and personality, but if you’re tall strong and covered in tattoos and piercings then its a bonus :P

When people talk about me, I want them to… be supportive, be proud, not treat me like a sex object, not expect me to hide, and not rather i was still the person that was wrong for me

I want people to understand… thats i’m a good nice honest loving human being

About izzy
i was born male, but in may 2009 i had a little operation to correct that
thinking of myself as a guy is a totally foreign thing to me, my brain just can’t seem to understand that, although it doesn’t think that i’m a real girl either,
as far as i’m concerned i’ve always been me, even if my body, appearance, and way i act have changed over the years.
i’m me, while i want to be accepted for the “girl” that i am, i also don’t see why i can’t shave the side of my head if i want to or fight boystrously with my dogs, i’m not going out of my way to try and be a girl, i’m going out of my way to be me
i love my friends, i’m kind, helpful, loving and shy, i like to have fun, dance and laugh, i don’t drink, eat animal products or do drugs
i’m interested in art, fashion, and human behaviour
i’m a student, i’m a bit geeky, and i take forever to get ready in the morning :P and i like to keep fit
(and incase you haven’t noticed… i’m a mass of contradictions as well :P)

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6 Responses to “Profile: Izzy”

  1. Oliver Leon

    Oh my god, yes: “I’m attracted to… masculinity (although not the beer swilling football watching kind :P)” I hear you there!


  2. Anonymous

    you’re so awesome :]


  3. Jessica

    I only briefly considered being transsexual, because I wasn’t ever really sure having the body of the “other” sex was any better a match for me. Do you feel that being transsexual allows you to more truly manifest who you are? Just wondering…

    Can one be a meta-transsexual person? Manifesting secondary sexual characteristics of both male and female – one person who knows me refered to me as that “para-sexual person.”


  4. Anonymous

    Uh, you are so lovely :D


  5. Anonymous

    you look lovely best wishes


  6. john

    with love from melbourne australia


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