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You can call me… J. My friends call me both Jenny and Jimmy.

I identify as… adorkable. I am an androgynous person with killer curves, unisex fashion, and awesome hair. Blessed with a female body and masculine traits, so I try to flaunt beautiful, powerful androgyny.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I am a girl, so I appreciate she/her, but I enjoy the occasional he/him. I like to keep them confused. <3 It always makes me grin when someone accidentally says “sir.” And I love the wide-eyed looks I get when I speak.

I’m attracted to… androgyny. I love harmonized masculine and feminine looks. I like someone who is willing to push the limits of gender. Girls that make me feel studly and guys that make me feel pretty. Sensitive, beautiful-minded, artistic humans are best. I love people who make me fall in love with who they are, not what they are. Sexually, I do not care for either gender as I am a happily celibate asexual person.

When people talk about me, I want them to… laugh in a completely good-natured, “I’m that person’s friend” kind of way. I love to make people smile. I dislike the labeling and misconceptions that accompany gossip, so I’m not so fond of people discussing my sexual preferences, religion, or diet. (Which are completely silly and uninteresting topics at any rate.)

I want people to understand… that people are people. No matter who you are, what you love, how you dress, what you believe, you are a wonderfully beautiful human with feelings, dreams, and purpose. People should be willing to look past things like appearance so that they can embrace the person within. Along with that, I also think people should view appearance as the special sort of self-expression it is, rather than as fashion or sex-appeal.

About J
I am a young college student studying art and film. I enjoy theatre, music, and writing. One day I hope to be actively working in the film industry. I am a vegetarian, fond of animals and the outdoors, and I love cooking. I am also a believer in Christ and the purpose of humanity. I am a respecter opinions, views, and the right to live life. <3

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3 Responses to “Profile: J”

  1. Oscar

    Oh, you sound like an absolutely lovely person ^-^


  2. C

    I identify with a lot of what’s going on in this post.
    I’m a curvy, celibate girl whose personality definitely shows strong masculine influences.
    I, too, am a vegetarian.
    Respect means a lot to me.
    I’m trying to believe in Christ.
    I love film–I actually seem to be developing some sort of concentration with the courses I’m taking. I think I would really enjoy working in film.
    I am delighted that you would profess “people are people” when that’s something I’ve made into a bit of a… personal motto? recently.
    I’m ready to push the limits of gender any day.
    Last night, I actually drew gender roles. I drew a cardboard box with someone on the outside shoving to keep the contents inside and a hand bursting out from within. When I do my next study of this concept, I might try to have someone on the inside holding the flaps shut.
    This response might not be well-ordered, but I want you to know that I’m relating to what you’re saying. (:


  3. Christopher

    I have never taken a art theory class in my life, nor do i claim to understand anymore more than my experience lets me, but there was something profoundly honest in your approach to life. People are people, and its always been a add feeling, that others look at the body more than they are willing to understand the soul of the person behind that. I feel that we have infinite elements, which can be seen through dreams, thought processes, and in daydreams. I feel that those are more you than anything you could ever put on your body, or to choose to represent you. Thus I highly agree with most everything you said


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