Profile: Jordan

You can call me… Jordan

I identify as… some awkward, grumbling experience with ink stained lips and fingertips, metal in various created orifices and the desperate tickling concentration on being content with the fact that I truly have no gender preference. I am a gender warrior, stumbling carelessly through stereotypes while upholding the mannerisms of a Gentleman of the Society.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … “Hey kid!” works just fine. Pronouns aren’t the biggest of my concerns. Some people just aren’t familiar with gender fluidity, a willingness to learn…now that’s my biggest concern, if not, “I say good day.” I do however, at times become fairly disappointed when I’m walking around dressed in the style of an early 19th century English paper boy and I open my mouth to speak and my voice is high-pitched…maybe I should start carrying around those voice synthesizer/changer thingies…that way I can also be an alien or a robot with the click of a button!!

I’m attracted to… -people with words.
-people who don’t care too harshly about gender-who just want to be themselves and LIVE. I find when people worry so much about labels, they sometimes begin to project this strange and forceful censorship…not ok.
-Those excited about the “minuscule” things; grass, parks, redwoods, sitting on the sidewalk and making friends with strangers, etc.
-mind-expanding humans
-Trans people
-Gender fluid people
-crust punks
-awkward, geeky people…please do tell me you’d like to co-op on a Call Of Duty MWF2 mission with me!
Polyamorous people.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Look up, speak nicely and don’t twiddle your fingers. Turn out your toes, curtsy, open your mouth a little wider and always say YES…YOUR MAJESTY!

Just kidding. Lewis Carroll was pretty cool.

Ummm…stay calm and don’t freak if I don’t seem all that interested, girls make me nervous. I’m the shy kid sitting in the back of the class with the constant frog in his throat.

I want people to understand… we are all the same species. Humans…I mean…*looks around*

About Jordan

I am currently in a heated affair with words. I love weird stats and morbid facts. I maintain a pretty chill existence, my excitement is living. I am always up for going out to dance-take me dancing, I’ll love you forever. I am a fan of observation. I am brutally honest and annoying. I have a ton of glitches in my circuitry. I am, at the moment, teaching myself humility, patience, kindness and tranquility; learning self-preservation, self worship, to love thy neighbor and celebrating my unbirthday. I love cupcakes and colors!

I always adore those who can prod the passion within me, for I am a very passionate soul. My family is my everything-anything, anything, anything for them. I can be an open book depending on who wants to read.

Don’t tell me who I aim to be…I don’t even know that, I’m simply on my way there. When I love, I love hard, it usually hurts me most in the end, but I always open my heart again, no regrets, you’re my cocoon, trust me on this.

[i illustrate][i write][i model][i create][i destroy.][i have opinions][i enjoy simplicity][i enjoy complexities][i am strange indeed.][iamcolorblind]i am covered in skin. no one gets to come in. pull me out from inside, i am colorblind.


Those are my public profiles. I’m willing and open to befriend and get to know people.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Jordan”

  1. Anonymous

    you’re lovely


  2. Pun

    You’re awesome. :)


  3. Donnie

    i kind of love you


  4. mikey

    damnnn, you hot


  5. Eriyonai

    Really wish I knew you in real life. ^.^ Perhaps it’s a little arrogant or something of me to say, since you seem so neat, but I think maybe we would get along. at least I’d love to think so.
    High-fives!.. just for being who you are, I suppose. = 3


  6. linda

    um yeah i’m in love with you.


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