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Two photos side-by-side, presumably of the same person. In one (grayscale) they are presenting femininely, with short, neatly brushed hair, holding black lace over their chest. In the other (full colour), they are presenting masculinely, wearing a fedora that covers their eyes and a vest over a bare chest.

You can call me… Kid. Gavin. Kades. Variations of the aforementioned.

I identify as… gender fucked. But not in a bad way. I love who I am. I’m a girlboy, boygirl, both and neither.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I use “They” when people get it, but most people don’t. “He” is what I prefer if I need to choose. “She” is a girl I use to know, before I knew any different.

I’m attracted to… people. I think people can be beautiful in all kinds of ways. I’ve stumbled through my awkward attractions to all kinds of people and don’t need to put a label on who I find myself attracted to…

When people talk about me, I want them to… see me for who I am. Not be afraid to ask questions.

I want people to understand… that my gender, on any given day, can swing back and forth on the pendulum, and “Yes, I understand you have a hard time keeping up”, but I am ever so thankful when you try. Understand that today is different than yesterday, and tomorrow different than today. I will not grow up to be a man or a woman, but I am growing up into the best person I can be.

About Kid.
I’m a pretty artsy kid, working backstage for theatre and building festivals. I play/create music and live for life itself. Falling is the greatest feeling because it leaves you fearless.

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Posted by on November 13th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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5 Responses to “Profile: Kid”

  1. Elle

    Very, very cool pair of pictures.


  2. Anonymous

    Wow, those pictures are awesome!


    Elle replied:

    What’s with all the “Anonymous” people who post here on Genderfork? Make up a name or something. It’s kind of hard to tell who’s saying what when everyone is the same “Anonymous”. Feel free to identify with whatever it is you have to say.


  3. haz

    Wow……………….that is amazing. Thank you.


  4. Meike

    I wish I looked that sexy in a hat and jean vest. Drat you.


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