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You can call me… Korbl/Korbinian.
It works for me. Technically a male name, but the english equivalent (Raven, or “Ravi” or the like, I suppose) is considered feminine in America, so it works well for me.

I identify as… Bi-gender, male in body until splicing becomes cosmetic.
I’ve got male and female aspects to my personality and mannerisms. Some may argue the latter, but, well, growing up in public schools, already picked on for being nerdy, weird and fat, I didn’t need to give them something *else* to pick on me about, so the feminine stuff is kind of hidden, unless I know you really well, or meet you in a completely anonymous context (like IMs).

I mean… I don’t know, I’m fairly apathetic over details… I’ve got a dick, and like my beard, so… whatever, society treats me as male. And I often joke that the problem is: my male aspect is kinda femmy and my female aspect is a tomboy, so… heh.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Whatever. He/him, because, lets face it, my parts dangle. She/her, I’ve never gotten, but if it’s an honest “mistake” or you’re being nice, I’ll take it well. Ze/shi/hir/we, yeah, that’s good, I’m greedy, and want all the fun parts, so refer to me as a herm I don’t mind.

I’m attracted to… Intelligence, nerdiness, artisticness, a bit of social awkwardness, tattoos, piercings, obscure religions (that don’t have their heads up their asses :p ), you know, whatever gets the herd to leave you behind.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that, while I almost failed high school, only went up to Algebra 2 in math, only got a D in PE (for godssakes…) and all that… I’m intelligent, probably a fair bit more so than the average person, I’m just lazy and get extreme bouts of ennui (high school was one long one).

That, while I put on kind of a gruff, asshole male exterior, I can be really tender, and feminine, and sensitive (overly so).

That just because my skinpast doesn’t show a lot of exposure to something, doesn’t mean I can’t doam not really interested in it, I’m just poor, so I’m a bit limited.

That, despite some things making me really happy, I’m in a pretty shitty place in my life right now, and sometimes (like recently…) that I need someone supportive to talk to…

I want people to understand… I am bi-gender
I am bisexual
I am not “coming back to jesus”
I am not “just rebelling”
I really mean it when I say “fuck you and your traditions”

About Korbl
Eh, I’m an umemployed culinary major.

And… wow, I just realized that “culinary major” has supplanted “gaming nerd” in first thing that comes to mind to describe myself…

Um, yeah, culinary major in community college, amateur writer, amateur artist (just means I’ve not been published), amateur transgender, honestly… heh, I didn’t even know there was a place for me in this whole… society? movement? what? let alone a name. Yeah, I have my silopsistic moments… just smack me or something when I’m being like that.

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10 Responses to “Profile: Korbl”

  1. k

    You seem like a really cool person


  2. Anonymous

    you seem like such a rad person :] i’d love to talk to you. do you use AIM or MSN?


  3. Maude

    You, Korbl, are a ridiculously awesome person. I gots a friend of mine who you remind me of a little. You don’t easily fit into a box, but you still have this really particular essence and groove to your personality. The world needs more folks like you.


  4. kendall

    I’d be your friend. I also have that duality, whatever female qualities I have are kind of rough & tumble but my male qualities are that I want to look nice in a dress shirts and cuddle puppies.. it’s odd.. that I feel between hypermasculine band tee wearin’ trucker dyke and very subdued tea sippin’ tophat wearing steampunkin’ gentleman–so I feel that my male aspect is kinda femmy and my female aspect is a tomboy, as well. Anyway whatever peace you seek may it be with you. You honestly seem like a wonderful person.


  5. risurisu

    Culinary major + gaming nerd = totally hot.

    I envy the dual gender-connotations of your name; that is so neat! Hope you find what you’re looking for here. :)


  6. The Nerd

    Why don’t we have splicing yet? Sci-fi promised me splicing!


  7. Anonymous

    Totally wish I had a friend like you.


  8. Padraig

    You remind me quite a bit of myself. It is always nice to know that people like me exist out there, it was actually your profile that inspired me to make my own.


  9. Anonymous

    You seem awesome! Would love to get to know you. :( But best of luck


  10. Bethi

    I think you are so totally cute. I too am unemployed; but, I volunteer and stay busy. One of my interests include Psychology and I am a GREAT listener. So, should you fee the need to talk I am here for you. I think we have a lot in common. And I know that a lot of ppl offer this option as a nicety; but, I really hope you will take me up for my offer on talking. In this world there are so many fake ppl its difficult to know who to lean on… I truly believe that if ppl just took the time to listen to each other a little more the world would be a better place to live. I sincerely hope that you are having a good day or night. Bethi


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