Profile: Leon

You can call me… Leon

I identify as… an androgynous male, a pansexual genderfuck, someone awesome.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … all those masculine ones. I might be accepting of a lot of things, but feminine pronouns tend to offend me.

I’m attracted to… hot people. Wait, that sounds shallow. Let’s try this: You’re the judge of who you are. I just like what I like. Tends to be musicians, artists, geeks, outcasts, people with actual personality and spunk. and they’re usually pretty men and androgynous women.

When people talk about me, I want them to… know that their judgment will never change who I am.

I want people to understand… that your body doesn’t make who you are. But, you know, if someone wants to pass us up, it’s their loss. We’re always going to be amazing, and we don’t need someone holding us down.

About Leon
Senior in high school, nearly calling it quits to just grab a GED and get away from a rough home life.
Aspiring to be an FBI agent, a comic book author, and a photographer. Possibly to accomplish all three.
Loves music, bloody films, comic books, history, the supernatural, photography, and blowing people’s minds.

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Posted by on September 12th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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12 Responses to “Profile: Leon”

  1. Anonymous

    “When people talk about me, I want them to… know that their judgment will never change who I am.” favourite part!


  2. nietzschejunior

    I agree with the previous comment.


  3. Elle

    Really? My favorite part is the picture.


  4. Anonymous

    You’re gorgeous. I don’t think there’s anything I can say about this, except that you have the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen.


  5. Remy

    You are awesome. Let’s write comics together.


  6. Kei

    You are pretty. Like honestly. (I have a severe weak spot for pretty people) ESPECIALLY pretty people who like COMIC BOOKS! I’m dussapointed by how many people don’t love comics.
    Being anything other than average in high school is hard. I know. I just finished it and I’m still struggling. I hope everything works for you and your friends support you a bit more than mine did at first.
    Be sure to keep up the beautiful!


  7. Frankie/Crow

    you are totally my favorite person right now!!!


  8. Ainou

    You’re cute! You look a bit like a manga character.


  9. Tempest

    Interestingly, I used to know a Leon back during my gaiaonline days. I’m curious to know if you’re the same person.


  10. MrAJBx3

    you….are gorgeous!! :O

    huggles! <3


  11. Anonymous

    At first glance I thought you were Ellen Page.


  12. Nick

    Leon is literally me.
    we are the same person O.o


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