Profile: Mel

You can call me… Mel.

I identify as… An androgynous musician.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’m assumed to be male. Most people don’t take the second glance towards my chest when calling me a pronoun. There are very few people who can get it right that I am female. This used to bother me intensely. I used to prefer to be called by female pronouns when someone was unsure, but it really doesn’t bother me anymore. Whatever you have always known and called me by is fine with me.

I’m attracted to… females. I was attracted to both sexes at one point in my life, but I believe that the attraction I had for males was lust. Pure envy. I have always envied them.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Respect me. Most who do talk about me don’t know me, but please. Just treat me like every human being you know, and I won’t have a problem. I have gotten over my huge frustration with the slip-ups on pronouns, so if you call me using a male pronoun, I won’t be angry. I’ve come to realize that it happens.

I want people to understand… I know I’m complex. Dealing with people of my magnitude is difficult. But really, I have calmed down on so many levels. Like I said before, if a slip-up on which pronoun to use occurs, I won’t be angry. Just get to know me before you make assumptions about the person I am.

About Mel.
18 years old, and I’m still not positive as to who I am. I’m going by what makes me comfortable as a human. Through everything, music has always been there. I’ve varied in the styles I love over the years, and I’ve come to appreciate everything music. Writing is a hobby I don’t take too lightly. Singing has always been a partner to my music. I enjoy simple things, although occasionally the complex things in life interest me to no end. I’m a social butterfly and I’m proud of it. I’ve come such a long road with my self-discovery and I love where it’s headed.

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2 Responses to “Profile: Mel”

  1. Rachael

    Hey mel,
    You sound so chill and I appreciate your style:) What kind of music do you make?


  2. j

    hey mel, i hope you understand (it sounds like you do) that there is absolutely no rush and no reason for you to have to be positive about who you are, not yet and not ever if you dont want to. you dont have to do a damn thing until youre ready, whether it’s coming out as one identity or another, or it’s just sitting down to think about it. im 32, and ive been back and forth, up and down to every end of any spectrum there is. i think i may be more confused now than ever, but i like that. i think THAT is who i am! but if you do find out what you want, then you just go get it. :)

    i get both ‘sir’ed and ‘mam’ed a lot, and it took me a looong time to learn to let it go, so you’ve already got that over me! i guess i eventually realized that i cant expect everyone to know whats in my heart or my mind, and i just go on the assumption that theyre either not paying attention (which is cool because i guess im not standing out too much), or theyre doing their best to accommodate me (which is also cool because conscientious people are hard to come by!) and maybe just didnt get it right, or they just assume based on whatever clothes im wearing that day. i actually think its pretty finny these days and will play guessing games with myself to see which pronoun a stranger will use!


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