Profile: Monkey Butt

Person with short red hear sitting on a boardwalk-style surface near sand, wearing a grey hoodie over a red shirt.

You can call me… Monkey butt.

I identify as… A 19-year-old kid who’s experiencing a lot of life for the first time and isn’t gonna let something suffocating like gender expectations hold them back from experiencing the full scope of what life has to offer.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I would love it if people would use “he” when I’m being a he, and “she” when I’m being a she.
Most people still use “she”, though, and they’re not wrong.

I’m attracted to… Boyish ladymans. Strong, feminine power. The band members of Sleater-Kinney. Conversations about space and time and distance and connections. People who get and appreciate my gender-fluidness.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Take into account my (previously mentioned) gender-fluidness. If you want to know somebody, you can’t ignore fundamental parts of who they are. Yes, I’m a girl. But I’m a boy too. Remember that.

I want people to understand… that since I started accepting different parts of my self, the scope of my experiences has increased ten-fold. It is so limiting and boring to say, “well, I’m a lady/girl/boy/man/dude/woman/mother/father/sister/brother, so this is how I feel”.
Mix it up a bit! You never know what might happen and who you might meet.

About Monkey butt.
“Monkey Butt” grew up in Portland, Oregon, and currently lives in Northern Germany as an aupair. They spend their time playing with kids, writing stories, having adventures, and learning of all the beauty and pain in the world.

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3 Responses to “Profile: Monkey Butt”

  1. gunk

    It’s Everything! From the PPK! Right? Nice to see you on here.


  2. Patrick

    I like who you are. :)


  3. Elliott

    “since I started accepting different parts of my self, the scope of my experiences has increased ten-fold.” Love how you put this.


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