Profile: Roxanne

You can call me… Roxanne

I identify as… I am a feminist, egalitarian that recognizes the differences in men and women but also recognizes that those differences are biologically trivial.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I like he and him sometimes just because I don’t get to hear that often, I think I’ll start using ze though or hir because that’s pretty neato!

I’m attracted to… My beautiful intelligent, weird, goofy, feminine and masculine soul mate, Thomas.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Think of me as a human being who’s evolved enough to get past the who hunting, gathering, cave man gender ideology.

I want people to understand… how the gender roles are put in play to oppress men and women. I also like to look at the historical factors that contribute to the way gender roles affect us. I think it’s important to see that the feminine traits have been devalued and pale in comparison to the praise of the masculine. This is why I still wear feminine clothes sometimes. I think people can be strong and still embrace femininity instead of frowning at and laughing at everything female related. Why is it so absurd to see a man in a dress and it’s not so bad to see women in pants? I think it’s because the female clothing is considered more embarrassing and humiliating, where as the masculine is praised.

About Roxanne
When I dress in drag I’m always stumped with one big giveaway to my gender, my breasts. I do not want to try to bind my breasts or draw on a mustache. Instead, I want to embrace the qualities I have and not feel ashamed of them and need to hide them. I do not have to appear male, or like a cross dresser. I can appear as a person comfortable in whatever clothing I like. I can love whoever I want, and I can be whoever I want to be. I want to be respected as a person, not a man or a woman but a person. We need to take a closer look at how these gender norms were originally created and enforced and access whether these norms are destructive or constructive to the human spirit and body.

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  1. Kurisu

    I was plowing through the profiles and stumbled upon your own and I must say, you’ve more or less summed up my own ideologies about the societal impact of gender implications. The only difference is that I am by far much more insecure (honestly speaking) about my femininity. Whereas, you seem to where it proudly on your sleeve and flaunt it to the world in apparent grace and honor. I truly admire you for that, as I’ve always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Simply put, it’s nice to know of females who can be proud of themselves as such without having to adhere to societally institutionalized cliches and codes of conduct. You inspire me (in spite of the fact that, I’ve never really known how to be gender-confident). Hope that all makes sense.


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