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You can call me… Seth, but I go by Tamworth on some circles of the Internet.

I identify as… Slightly genderqueer FTM, a bit of a femmey man, vaguely bigender, an anti-macho, feminist boy. A subculturist, a square, a freak, a dorky geeky nerd, a believer in life, a fuckin’ badass. Korean-American. New Yorker. Queerish. Capricious and precocious. A joke. Protective. Martial artist. Whovian. A Time Lord! Teenage. Weirder than you think. But generally chill.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I’ve gone by female pronouns for my whole life, so I don’t mind if you slip up, but since I’m trying to present as a boy I’d prefer male.

I’m attracted to… Theoretically I don’t care for specific genders, but I find myself liking girls way more than boys. The boys I like tend to be Johnny Depp or the Doctor or twinky genderqueer femmey ones. The girls I like are many and varied and basically attractive, though how I really don’t know. If I like someone I’ll analyze it later, after I finish staring at them and fanning myself and wiping the drool off the floor. But piercings (but not too many!), colored hair, a lack of bitchiness, respect for others, good musical taste, an appreciation of Whovianism, non-judginess, and an ability to take yourself less seriously than I’d expect are all things I like – both in friends and objects of affection.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Please don’t, it’s kind of awkward. If you want to ask me questions, sure, cool. But don’t rely on other people’s perceptions ‘cos that’s jacked up, yo. And don’t call me a girl. Girly-ish, sure, I get that (even though it relies on goddamn stereotypes, eurgh.) But nix on the labelling me as female.

I want people to understand… Gender goes like this: *does a dance* wooooEEEEEOOOOO, EEEEEooooeeeeee, EEEEEEEooooo. Like a spectrum-y thing, except wobbly, and it doesn’t apply to everyone, and if you care about it too much it’s not as fun as when you run around on it and do your own thing. But if your own thing falls on one place on the spectrum you can have tons of fun too. Just, well, do your own thing. And no elitism, because christ on a bicycle that’s annoying.

About Seth
If my gender was a color, it’d be octarine. I do hapkido, read Terry Pratchett with a fervor bordering on obsession, listen to music across multiple genres, and despise physics with my very soul. I curse too much, eat green apples a lot, watch vast amounts of Doctor Who, and shout at televisions. I have awesome parents who are chill hippies. Nobody thinks I look Korean for some reason. I love cities and urban areas and the sheer New York-iness of New York. My hair is short and spiky and I spend massive amounts of time and hair gel on it to make it stand up, except you cannot see it because I have my motherfuckin’ fox hat on my head in the picture. Nobody catches the motherfucking fox. (And if you understand that reference, you get pie. :D)

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20 Responses to “Profile: Seth”

  1. Jen

    Hey, I like you!


  2. ganymede

    john green’s looking for alaska
    where my pie at


    Elijah Y. replied:

    your pie is here constructed out of my embarrassment at seeing pictures of me from almost a year ago


  3. Courage

    1. I own that hat, in dark blue.
    2. Every Doctor Who and Pratchett reference in that post made me get that fuzzy, laughy kinda feeling they can give. :) makes me wanna close my eyes, sigh, and start dancing.


  4. Anonymous

    That’s amazing that your parents are ‘chill hippies’! I’m delighted only from reading it.


  5. Hilde/Zev

    damn. ganymede beat me to it. do i still get pie?


  6. Anonymous

    Go for a spin in the TARDIS with me, y/y?


  7. Alex

    A big ball of wibbly-wobbly… gendery-wendery… stuff, hmm? You are just like me, except with our attractions somewhat reversed. (I like men, mostly.)


  8. Oliver

    Long-distance high-five for being a queer anti-macho feminist boy! Woo!

    Also, non-judginess is freakin’ awesome. We should hang out and not judge everybody. We could just make them envious by eating crunchy green apples.


  9. Anon

    John Green is great. *goes to get pie because I deserve it (wait I have homemade pie…)*
    You seem really cool.


  10. Anonymous

    “If my gender was a color, it’d be octarine.”

    You, my friend, are awesome.


  11. Lane

    Me too! To basically all of that, except the green apples. I like fujis best. Also I like men primarily. Eleven needs to show up his TARDIS so I can propose to him. :-)


  12. Clare

    Far Ouuuutttttttt!!! Incidentally isnt Amy Pond the best assistant the Doctor;s ever had?!!!


  13. J.D.

    I want you and everyone who commented here to know that I was feeling really down today, and when I got on genderfork and saw this profile and all of the likeminded genderqueer geeks my mood was immediately reversed. I love you all more than you’ll ever know. Thank you!

    -Joseph Douglas Bachelder, Time Lord.


    Alex replied:

    Fun Fact: One of my friends suggested that transmasculine Whovians could refer to themselves as “the Trans Lord”.
    I may or may not have adopted that.


    J.D. replied:

    In that case you may (or may not) be the coolest person ever. =D


  14. Elijah Y.

    oh my god

    hey guys

    this is me before i figured out a better name for myself

    and before i realized i really wasn’t actually genderqueer

    sorry to y’all (oh my god i posted this in like june of last year jesus)


    Lane replied:

    Hi Seth-in-June Elijah-in-April. Its all good, I was Libby when I first started coming here. Self-discovery is all kinds of fun. :-)


    Samson replied:

    I think this sort of thing is a good testament to the evolving nature of our experiences. (:


  15. Hodge Podge

    If my gender was a colour, it would be turquoise


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