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You can call me… Skyler, Loki, a human, a monster, an alien, a freak, an androgyne, a femme boy, a gender-fuck, genderqueer, a shape-shifter, an organism, a weirdo… I guess I don’t care too much at this point, as long as you don’t insinuate or assume that I am a woman– I’m not a girl, no matter what I look like– I don’t want to be called someone’s GIRLfriend, or someone’s daughter, or someone’s sister. I don’t feel like those outfits fit me. I know, because they burst at the seams when people try to dress me up in them…

I identify as… I bounce back and forth between gender neutral and androgynous, and I tend to lean toward the “masculine” side the majority of the time.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I actually really like “they.” I feel like it’s the only true gender neutral pronoun (aside from “it,” but that’s just plain degrading), and I don’t mind the fact that it’s a plural pronoun. But at the same time I’m not going to be angry if I’m called “he” or “she,” even if I dislike it– I’m a fairly understanding person, and it’s not their fault… that’s just the effects of socialization.

I’m attracted to… As a pansexual, the qualities in a mate that matter most are: intelligence, originality, personality, strength, and guts (not being afraid to be yourself and speak your mind). But as far as looks go… I absolutely LOVE androgyny.

When people talk about me, I want them to… throw away all their preconceived beliefs about men and women. I want them to ignore what’s in my pants, and just have a conversation basing their opinions on who I am, not who society says I should be. :]

I want people to understand… that gender roles are outdated and unnecessary, and that they can be hurtful. They’re also quite ridiculous– how does differing genitalia mean we should dress differently, behave differently, or like different things? Why should a penis mean that a guy can’t like pink or cry when he’s upset? And why should a vagina mean that a girl can’t be tough or work on cars?

About Skyler
a mad scientist, a pre-med student, a psychological party-bag, an apatheist and existentialist, an impish anarchist, very blunt, a rabid daydreamer, and a lover of all things strange.

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7 Responses to “Profile: Skyler”

  1. Riam

    You remind me of me. Also, my dog’s name is Loki.


  2. Popin

    Wow. A lot of what you put about how you identify sounds like me.
    I may have to use some of those phrases when I’m trying to explain my identity to others. :)
    Also, you sound absolutely rad!


  3. Meike

    If my girlfriend and I were to combine ourselves and produce a being half-me, half-her, I think you would be the result. I even have been considering changing my middle name to Skyler, how crazy is that?!

    But seriously, you seem like a really cool person. I wish I knew someone like you.


  4. Anonymous

    Marry me,please


  5. Jessica

    My partner is fearless doing almost anything – take apart just about anything without any instructions or manual… I like to be shown how first and am much more timid. Always have been. But then, I am good at putting things back together wrong, even if they’re allegedly foolproof.


  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, you are right, those stereotypes are utterly absurd.
    Also, you are cool =)


  7. Pauly

    you are beautiful


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