Profile: Starr/Stella

You can call me… Starr. Or Stella. Whatever floats your boat.

I identify as… a female thing. A feminine androgyne? Whatever.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … Female ones are used for me usually. People are used to me being a girl, so it’s what they know. Really anything works though.

I’m attracted to… Girls. I like to say I’m “homo flexible.” Really though, I’m attracted to everyone. Girls, boys, and anything in between or off the scale. I like dorky cute girls. I like girls with glasses.

When people talk about me, I want them to… Not think about my sexual orientation. Just think about me as a person. Oh you like me but I look like a boy? Who cares. I certainly don’t.

I want people to understand… The most important thing in my life is my art, not the gender of myself or the person I love.
And yes, I know I’m not pretty. I don’t want to be pretty. I just want to be successful and wear cute shoes.

About Starr/Stella
Starr/Stella is a teenage person doing art things and buying clothes.

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Posted by on January 20th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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5 Responses to “Profile: Starr/Stella”

  1. Kendall

    You’re adorable. I would call you stellaella, if only as an excuse to take an extra 2 syllables to address you, and captivate your attention for that extra split second. My ideal boat to float would be a clippership.
    Boi with glasses, whaaassup? *smirk* What about your art? I think you’re pretty. I would like both of us to be successful, I like cute shoes too, I intend to find a nice girl [or some reasonable facsimile of pleasant human] to marry, and at this wedding, I will wear a pair of chucks. I am uber punk rawk. You look good in monochromatic colours, scarves are nice, I can’t make them work for me without looking like a hogwarts drop out, but props to you in general. I wish you much luck & love on your journey < 3


  2. Andrea

    you, nor anyone else, has to be “pretty”. but also you are pretty, so you should know that. whatever that feeling is that people get when they look in the mirror and know that they’re hawt, you (all of us) should be having that feeling too. so from one former teenage girl to a current teenage girl, youre pretty.


  3. Anonymous

    I think maybe you’re just a different kind of pretty.


  4. Anonymous

    Your combstache delights me. Can I huggle you and then we can go do art things and buy clothes?


  5. Anonymous

    First of all, you’re very cute (:


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