Profile: Super Ze

You can call me… Super Ze

I identify as… Genderqueer superhero :D

As far as third-person pronouns go, … ze, hir, hirs

I’m attracted to… Men :D

When people talk about me, I want them to… shut their mouths and go away

I want people to understand… That I am not a boy or a girl – I am Genderless.

About Super Ze
My name is Sinatra aka Sipoleon. 19. Likes: Vegetarian Gender-queer Homosexual Nightmarish Artistic Films. Glee. Animals. Music. Poetry. Laying in the grass while staring at the stars. The moon. Skinny jeans. Pikachu. Eyes. Gauges. Piercings. Vegetarianism. Acoustic music. Cuddling. Moshing. Crowdsurfing. Walking along the beach. Forest. Tattoos. Moments with friends. Honesty. Necklaces. Bracelets. Converse. Reading. TWLOHA. Kissing in the rain. Laughing. Wit. Sarcasm. Photography. Nature.

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Posted by on January 24th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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18 Responses to “Profile: Super Ze”

  1. rainbowfish

    :D this is awesome.


  2. kendall

    superhero or superqueero, why aren’t they the same thing? lol


  3. Morihikari

    Hey I have that shirt! You sound like an awesome person!


  4. Anonymous

    You sound like a fantastic, fun person :D Your photo made me smile! :)


  5. radical/rebel

    this is pretty much the cutest.
    queer vegetarian men = what I live for


  6. Anonymous

    i love your style :] you sound amazing!


  7. Anonymous

    I think I love you


  8. Riam

    You sound full of awesome. Except I’m confused: how can you be genderless and yet homosexual?


    Jessica replied:

    I’ve wondered that, too. I’m genderqueer, so I can’t even be heterosexual – there isn’t an opposite sex to me…


    phoebe replied:

    I feel like its an emotional thing – I personally feel straight when I fall for people, whatever gender they are, I feel like I’m on the opposite end of whatever the spectrum is. I guess it could work the same way for someone who feels homosexual


    Samson replied:

    I heard someone express the idea of “transgender and cissexual” awhile back. Intriguing. I think technically I qualify–I am outside the gender binary, but have no real innate desire to change my physical sex (largely because, at least in my worldview, sex and gender are not related; the fact that I’m female-bodied means pretty much nil except when others perceive me incorrectly based on that body and blah;asfjoiewajf.)

    So I guess technically I could be “homosexual” or “heterosexual” (though I’m not either).


  9. nonymous

    bro can be anything ze wants to be
    “the world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life” -john waters


  10. XylophoneGender

    This is wonderful fun. Having visions of Frou Frou singing that’s she’s holding out for a queero.


  11. Anonymous

    You sound amazing <3


  12. Popin

    You sound so so awesome! Go super ze!


  13. jayke

    I may well be in love just now


  14. Pedro

    superqueeros activate !



  15. Mr. Jessy

    I’m glad to say hello to you!


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