Profile: Tiara

Dark-skinned woman with a flower in her curly hair, wearing a low-cut polka-dotted dress with a red wraparound skirt, looking down.

You can call me… Tiara

I identify as… a queer pansexual polyamorous woman of awesome.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … “she,” please.

I’m attracted to… cuddles, redheads, women in power, redhead women in power (oy, my weakness), voices (queer people have the BEST voices, I swear), silly humour, lanky femmy-looking guys with eyeliner, powerful women. Though, I am often surprised.

When people talk about me, I want them to… pay attention to *me*, not my race. and not make assumptions about me and my gender/sexuality just because I happen to be “foreign.”

I want people to understand… that there are more representations of queer than relatively-narrow Western models will allow.

About Tiara
tiara the merch girl. kinsey 4.5. pansexual polyamorous seeking to make that less theoretical. performance artist, creative producer, creatrix of awesome. brisbane, australia. perpetual foreigner.

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5 Responses to “Profile: Tiara”

  1. Creatrix Tiara (formerly The Merch Girl)

    WOW, in the time this got posted, things have shifted somewhat. I now go as Creatrix Tiara (but still call me Tiara, thanks) and my website is at . I’m more lesbian than pansexual, but still poly, and it’s no longer theoretical YAY – I finally have had some close intimacies with women ;) I am in a long-term close relationship (“matey”ship?) with a cis-guy, who loves me like nothing else, and politically I’m queer and loud. Everything else still applies. But thanks :)


  2. identityTBD

    O hai, Tiara!

    I redheadedly cuddled with you yesterday! ^_^


    Eli replied:

    I feel jealous because I think I’m in the running for cuddle-partner based on voice alone. But I feel like I would be her weakness overall, and I’m totally down with that power dynamic.


    Creatrix Tiara replied:

    No need to be jealous – email me & let’s chat ;)


  3. Anonymous

    so true what you say about voices


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