Profile: Toi

You can call me… Toi

I identify as… A superhero. Genderqueer/gender non-conforming.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … it’s best to just say “Toi” (for example: “Like Toi said…or…I agree/disagree with Toi, etc, instead of he/she, him/her) but I will answer to gender-neutral pronouns and “he” if people just can’t get out of thinking in terms of the binary. “She” is pretty foreign to me unless I’m in some institution (school, past corporate jobs, etc) that insist on going by info from my birth certificate–this is changing in 2011 however! Vigilance!

I’m attracted to… people. Mostly women and other gender-variant people. I like avid readers, rad social justice activists and advocates. People committed to social change. Vegans and vegetarians. Independent people with a strong sense of Self and a passion for…well, whatever they are passionate about.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that I don’t fit into society’s boxes, and I want them to think about how they might not fit in either. If they do, it should be their choice.

I want people to understand… my “atypical” gender is not me making a “point” or trying to garner attention. It’s about my own self-realization. But in our own realizations and understanding more often than not, people step up to educate. I am one of those people at times– but at the same time being the token genderqueer is not our obligation.

About Toi
Quirky. Comical. Adventurer. Queer Activist. Health Advocate. Anti-Oppression trainer/facilitator. Avid reader. Writer. Traveler. Veghead. Eastern Philosopher. Lover of Life.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Toi”

  1. radical/rebel

    are you a co-oper? anyway, I sense a kindred spirit! thanks for posting yr profile. maybe one day I will bump into you out in the vast beautiful confusing messy real wonderful world.

    radical solidarity


  2. Carmen

    L’única estrella que prenc per guia és la de gaudi i de la música.
    Feliç any 2012!!


  3. Julia

    You are so stunning.


    toi replied:

    thank you!


  4. toi

    For more of my ponderings and revelations go to For my writings, go to


    my email is


    Anonymous replied:

    new website:

    <3, Toi


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