Profile: Trevor

You can call me… Trevor or Phoenix

I identify as… myself, I have no gender per se, my sex is male, my gender is undefined because simply put it can’t be.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … the male ones, because I still have my penis, but don’t say anything about how what I wear or how I act because it doesn’t fit my role as a “male.”

I’m attracted to… Personality and intelligence

When people talk about me, I want them to… Focus on me – not how I am dressed, I’m not dressed the way I am for your enjoyment, I do it for myself.

I want people to understand… I don’t really care what you think of me, unless your comments are positive.

About Trevor
I was born in a small town in northeast nowhere, my parents divorced when I was three. I grew up with two families living with my dad, I grew up as the kid who always used the word ‘gay’ as a synonym for bad or stupid. My life changed un Upward Bound where I made friends with a lot of gay and bi-sexual people. They let me feel free to be me. Now I’m the kid who walks around in skinny jeans and combat boots with a skirt on! I am myself.

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Posted by on January 1st, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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9 Responses to “Profile: Trevor”

  1. Brie

    That’s awesome, and you are awesome. :) Stay true to yourself.


  2. Elle

    You rule Phoenix.


  3. Rey

    you are truely a brilliant person keep shining.


  4. Jessica

    “I don’t really care what you think of me, unless your comments are positive.” I would much rather have someone tell me what I am doing wrong. If they do, and I listen, I can then take steps to fix things, if I want to. If you tell me everything is wonderful and I am great, how can I get better? I know I’m not perfect and with no critical feedback I have no guide to improve.


  5. kendall

    My ex and I just had a giggle, because she thought that colouring wise and bangs wise you were my thinner twin–I am HIGHLY amused.


  6. Aaryn

    You have beautiful eyes!


  7. Ronnie

    Upward Bound is awesome, I’m in that program as well :) good that it helped you.


  8. Paris

    I used to use gay as a negative term a lot and couldn’t be myself. Now, I understand myself better and don’t say it. I’m glad you got to be you. :-)


  9. Christopher

    You have a beautiful way of defining things. Personally I think that fashion has a been given a lot of power, both in our culture and as a outlet of personal expression. But I think that most of of a person can be see through the expression of their eyes. They are always one of the most striking feature of anyone, and they alone can determine what is behind them. And to me your eyes say peace, acceptance and the beginnings of happiness. Although I know very little about you, and probably never will my soul liked you, for some reason. Although it gave no reason, and never will, as is to be expected.

    As for the comment for positive comments, isn’t that the point of this website. To celebrate who you are without having the world condemn you for it. Life is about finding yourself. Love is for enjoying what you are after you find yourself. Thus there is nothing your doing wrong, as wrong is completely subjective.

    Unless your zucchini cake. In which case that is all wrong, and you continue to baffle my tastebuds and brain.

    Most Sincerely

    Christopher Riley


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