Profile: Turo Hilton

A person with brown hair, tips dyed blue and pink, looking up at the camera and smiling slightly.

You can call me… Turo Hilton

I identify as… A lady-boy, but I’m a multiple gender human. I am both male physically and female mentally.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … male and female are both a gender, and I am more than just a gender. I am androgynous.

I’m attracted to… guys, but girls when I’m drunk. but I prefer guys. Although I will not go far with a girl, a kiss is as far as I’m going.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that karma is a bitch! So I hope they’re saying something nice about me. Tell me how pretty my hair is.

I want people to understand… one day it won’t matter who you’re in love with, GENDER is just a word. LOVE is beautiful. Labels are for assholes, don’t ever stop being yourselves.

About Turo Hilton
The best glamafonic lady-boy in the world. I am Turo Hilton.

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Posted by on September 18th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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11 Responses to “Profile: Turo Hilton”

  1. Anonymous

    Your hair is indeed so so pretty. Colour! *____*


  2. A.

    you’re are gorgeous as is your hair, I love how it matches your shirt in this picture.


  3. Turo Hilton

    Thank you so much I really appreciate it. <3


  4. Elle

    Your facial hair is very striking. I didn’t expect it as I was scrolling down the page but it really shows your gender contrast. Well done.


  5. Hanna

    You are gorgeous!


  6. Anonymous

    I love your hair! :) And your piercing, and your face!


  7. Turo Hilton

    I’m very thankful for this website, for me it creates the value of love I see in everyones profile. It extends the meaning of beauty in every face I see. is an amazing website and it makes me love myself more everyday. I get on it everyday, the joy and excitement and love I get from it will stay in my heart forever! Thank you all and the creator! Xoxo much love! – Turo


  8. Anonymous

    You are beautiful.


  9. Turo Hilton

    Thanks <3


  10. Vinny

    Too much fabulous for one picture. I love your hair. Did you do it yourself?

    P.S. – love what you say here as well!


  11. Anonymous

    Thank you. Yes I did it a very long time ago. Happy Holidays everyone who visits my profile pic. xoxo – Turo <3 =^.^=


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