Profile: Wing

You can call me… Wing

I identify as… genderqueer, bisexual, Christian, the odd one out, generally pretty awesome.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I am totally okay with anything you want to use. Generally, if you think you’ve accidentally offended me, then I am probably secretly smiling and flattered.

I’m attracted to… nerdy, smart, easy-going folks. Also, folks who play fiddles and banjos.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that the things they are talking about probably aren’t that big of a deal to me.

I want people to understand… that my gender identity and my sexuality operates like a giant probability distribution. Sometimes I am more of a boy, sometimes I’m more of a girl, sometimes I love everyone, sometimes I just want to curl up in a ball and never talk to anyone ever again. And sometimes even when I feel like it’s just not practical to wear a fluffy black skirt  to climb up to the loft of an old barn, I do anyway. I know you have expectations and get confused when I don’t act predictably weird or whatever, but things change all the time. And that’s totally okay.

About Wing
Wing lives in New England and teaches math at a boarding school on a farm. He does wear pink patchwork skirts to work. Also, he writes and draws and talks about things on the Internet.

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12 Responses to “Profile: Wing”

  1. Lee

    Awesome profile! Love the skirt and work boot combo.


  2. Bellatrix

    I love putting on skirts for “inappropriate” tasks like hiking a mountain, riding a bike, and building stone walls. There is something wonderful about being able to complete these tasks while wearing something deemed frilly and non-utilitarian.


  3. Anonymous

    Yes! So I am not the only person who thinks that sexual orientation would be best modeled as a probability distribution! Though I think that may be an oversimplification as this model as I have envisioned it does not seem to adequately account for asexuality.


    InfinitySquared replied:

    Maybe asexuality could be a degenerate case?


  4. Will

    I graduated in ’05 from the same school. :) Is it sad that I’d recognize that porch any day? I’m glad to see our little school on the hill top is keeping on keeping on in all its fabulous, idiosyncratic, aliveness.

    (I’m still in touch with some of my old teachers which is how I know about you even though we’ve never met. hope that’s not too creepy.)


  5. InfinitySquared

    Happy to meet another Christian around here. So many people are scared off by the idea that we’re all like those Westboro losers…

    The way I figure it, if God made me the way I am, then doesn’t that mean it’s okay to be the way I am? I find it highly unlikely that the kind of person who socializes with prostitutes and “sinners” (seriously, my Bible has it in quotes) is not the kind of person who’ll reject somebody just because they’re halfway-in-between genders. In fact, I think gender diversity is probably part of the way God meant the world to be–part of the beauty of human diversity in general. If he’d wanted us to be all the same, he’d have made us that way. But he didn’t. And here we all are.


  6. smischmal

    I just wanted to say that I love your MEH comic.


    Wing replied:

    And I love your pony!


  7. Mike

    Cracking profile :) I, too, am a sucker for fiddle-players (sometimes).


  8. Wing's preacher friend

    Wing is really awesome and I am delighted that God makes people like him :)


  9. I.

    Hey, so you started teaching when I was a junior, I think. We all thought you were really cool.

    Keep on being awesome, Wing.


  10. Anonymous

    best math teacher ever i swear to god XD


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