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I’ve been binding for about six months now and exercising everyday to loose excess body fat, tone up and get a more “boyish” figure. With the top half sorted, does anybody have any tips on disguising hips?


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  1. Anonymous

    Baggy clothes, generally.

    But if you wear clothing that takes attention away from the hips, that’s good too- vertical stripes, shirts that are “loud” towards the top. Neutral tones.

    It’s pretty difficult to disguise hips, per se, but you can draw attention away from them.


  2. Theo

    Strictly on how to get rid of fat there; it’s hard. If you were a bigger person before you started working out, your hips are already defined, and as you work out all of the fat sorta collects there. Let me explain.

    When you work out, your turn fat into muscle. Soemtimes the fat loosens, and collects at your hips/legs/butt though, and since it is so hard to work there, it’s generally the LAST place you will notice weight lose.

    My advice is work more on your cardio. Running is the best way to lose weight. Work on your core as well: Sit ups, push ups, and other core training.

    As for hiding it, you could do the baggy cloths thing, but personally my binder is super long and flattens my curves quite a bit. Try switching to a longer binder maybe?


    CameoAppearance replied:

    Fat does not turn into muscle. You lose fat and gain muscle mass, but one does not transform into the other.


    Anonymous replied:

    Women are not in this world to pleasure men, or in any way please them. The person asking may be trans and it’s really exhausting as a trans person to have wide hips because it always feels like you’re too feminine to pass as something else than a woman. The person asking may also be a lesbian.


    Anonymous replied:

    Thank you other anonymous! In so FRIGGIN sick of peopeople saying “love your curves” because of men or feminine appeal! I’ve tried “loving” them and “using them to my advantage for years” and really I’m just lying to myself! I hate them because inside I am soooo much more male! I love my hair short and buying mens clothes and passing as a guy. But with as wide of hips as I have (measure 46″ around) its ruined me! I end up looking just fat even though my upper body is perfect! Androgyny is a nice fit because I’m really not sure if I want to fully transition, and my family would disown me.. My hips have become a sense of hatred for me, and cause depression beyond even losing contact with my own mother. I’ve even became anorexic for almost a year (diagnosed by a mental care professional) but still unable to get below 46″. I thought for so long I was losing it, but I realized its a gender identity problem! If I saw a girl with my shape, I wouldn’t call her fat or gross, but when I see myself as masculine, I feel disgusting in this body! -vent over!


    Chris replied:

    People have feelings about their bodies that are not determined by whether or not men find certain features attractive. These feelings are legitimate, and to me it seems unhelpful (at best) to dismiss them by instructing people to make decisions about their own body and comfort based on the wants of hypothetical men.


  3. anta

    Baggy clothes, but not *too* baggy. The right amount of bagginess can hide curves, but too much may just add on them. At least on me.


  4. J. L.

    Structured jackets or more layers. Stronger vertical lines in general. The binder I wear is longer and covers my hips as well. I have a somewhat hourglass-shaped figure with wider shoulders so I usually try to conceal where my waist curves in rather than where my hips stick out.


  5. Bex

    Also, work on getting broader shoulders – lots of push ups. Wider shoulders make the hips look smaller. Good luck!


  6. Zacky

    hello there :) im a guy with freakishly big hips, admittidly im chubby, but if i lost all the fat on my hips, it would only be about 2 inches, so hiding my hips is a big issue for me – but hopefully i can give you some tips, if i can pass with 38 inch hips and 36F chest(UK size, without a binder) then im sure i can help you make your hips less noticeable :)
    first off – i never wear a shirt that curves with your body, unless its an undershirt, because it obviously shows your hips. In summer i normally wear a t-shirt underneath a open button up shirt – by it being open it helps give the effect of no curves.
    I’m always a lil generous with my shirt sizes, because if i didnt have my curves to worry about then i would wear medium sized shirts, but they cling to me too much, so i go for large – but dont go too baggy!! passing is one thing, but i learned the hard way it sucks feeling like you cant wear anything decent unless its 3 sizes too big, and it draws more attention to yourself because of the fact your clothes are so big haha.
    When it comes to wearing trousers or jeans or whatever, i wear them just below my hips/they sit just above the round bit of my butt? i never wear them at the “waist” it just draws more attention to my hips.
    in winter, if i wear cotten jumpers, i go for jumpers that i can pull far down enough so that it straightens out my body and doesnt show hip curves, open jackets have the same effect as open shirts in summer. If you arent worried about the upper part of your body, wear patterned or colourful shirts to take away attention from the bottom half of you.
    And finally – be confident, at first i found it so nerveracking adressing myself as male when there was obvious giveaways that i was born female, but the more confident you are in your appearance, the easier it is to walk by other people and feel you are being seen as male/ androgynous.
    good luck m’friend, i hope this helped slightly :) sorry if some of this didnt make sense, its quarter to six in the morning and i still havent slept haha


  7. Jaye

    I’m on the other side of the gender divide, MtF, and I used to worry a lot about padding myself so as to appear to have wider hips and a larger butt. I don’t sweat it anymore, but it’s weirdly gratifying to see that my brothers on the other side have similar concerns.


  8. Jess

    It rather depends on how much hips you’ve got. It’s all about ratios. If you’ve got a small waist and wide hips, you’re doomed – just like if you have wide male-type feet, you’re never going to be able to buy women’s shoes, unless you chop off a couple of toes.


    anta replied:

    Are you talking about being doomed with losing fat in that area or in general? Because I have a small waist and wide hips, and I never had trouble passing for a boy long before I was trying.


    Jess replied:

    I guess it depends on how sensitive you are to the issue and what kinds of clothes you wear. It has been my experience that some people born female, particularly those who have borne children, before starting transition have a really difficulty time trying to get their bodies to conform to a this-is-male pattern. “Doomed” as in “doomed to failure.”


  9. Mika

    Wear a low fitting back brace, men’s blubber belt (available at most pharmacies), girdle, or (my favourite) boxer briefs that are at least a size too small.


  10. Buckminster

    Make sure you’re lifting correct. Doing more than 45 minutes of continuous cardio will continue to burn fat, but will also start burning muscle. Likewise, doing more than 10-15 reps before muscle failure means that you’re toning, not building muscle, and it may result in changing your appearance, but mostly will just make you stronger (which is something that, sadly, it seems bodybuilders and most of those who work out don’t care about). Muscle failure means that you are challenging your muscles to grow to compensate for what they cannot lift – if you never stress your muscles to this point, you won’t make many gains in size. Check out anything in the early bodybuilding movement or by Joe Wielder, but remember any lifting shows a thousand times faster when you’re on 500 ml of T a day, so don’t compare yourself to the pictures of the men with pituitary and/or hypodermic problems. Cheers,


  11. Anonymous

    I wear a binder that covers my hips as well to streamline my figure- but i also always wear a belt- tucking a collared shirt into a belt right in the middle of my hips really helps me disguise them.


  12. InfinitySquared

    Ugh, yes, so frustrating! I walk long distances, for exercise, and that would give me big hips even if I weren’t fat; and no, I will not stop, because honestly, walking keeps me sane. I think I’ll always have a girl butt; but it doesn’t bug me near as much as the boobs. I think I’ve got to face that I’ll never be androgynous enough to truly look as in-between as I feel.

    Sometimes the best thing you can do, beyond all the physical stuff, is just remember that who you are has very little to do with how you’re shaped.


  13. Tempest

    One tip I picked up on is that men have longer torsos than women. Therefore, women who aim to look more boyish should wear their pants below the hip line. There’s a nice, snug little pocket on my body just below my hip bones where pants can rest comfortably with assistance from a belt.

    Try to wear pants that get skinnier towards the top, and baggier towards the bottom. Couple that with baggy shirts.

    Beware that binding your chest on a regular basis destroys the fiber of your breasts, leading to them sagging earlier in life.


  14. mm

    what is the binder that covers the hips as well ??
    i mean how is the manufacturer and what his number product?


    jupiter replied:

    i believe the above commenters are referring to just long binders- as in, the tank-top like ones (but don’t quote me on that).


  15. Blake Topov

    On the matter of physical work outs to lose weight and slim down. Please note that workouts are not the primary factors in losing weight. The formula is your eating habits. The primary factor in weight loss or gain is burning more calories than you eat on a daily basis. How its done is a matter of choice. Just do not starve yourself nutritionally. Count the calories eaten daily. Calorie content is on the food packages and you can get a calorie book that contains calories by ounces and food size. – Blake


  16. Callum

    You can use compression shorts! I myself haven’t got a pair, but they are meant for athletic purposes and can flatten your hips and butt a little. Since they’re meant for movement, they’re also comfortable and wont hurt your body. Most of them have a pocket in the front meant for an athletic cup, and this can be used for packing. They’re fairly unambiguous too, so asking for a pair probably won’t make it obvious that you’re trans.


  17. Esile

    -You could potentially tie a jacket around your waste? Not the most fashionable or long term solution but it might help!-


  18. Anonymous

    I choose to wear button up shirts over a t shirt…but leaving them unbuttoned (does that make sense) I wear a plaid shirt over my regular shirt almost every other day because it does a really good job at hiding my curvy-ish shape…. other than that…. darker shirts also help and make most curves appear smaller…. you can also wear dark shirts with unbuttoned shirts…..and the good news is both of those things can usually be found in the women’s section so yeah


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