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KC asks…

I’m a genderqueer female. I’ve always wanted sideburns. How can I make it look like I have some?

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Posted by on September 14th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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  1. Nate

    I don’t know how long your current sideburns are (yes,you have them already,they’re just short and sparse),but filling them in with eye shadow or brown pencil can make them more obvious. Just be careful not to fill them in solidly or it’ll look fake.


  2. enne

    You can also use mascara to darken peach fuzz and extend your sideburns that way.


  3. Fizz

    What does “genderqueer female” mean?


    Hodge Podge replied:

    Whatever you want it to mean! In this case OP seems to mean FAAB. One word labels for your gender won’t be enough for a lot of people.


  4. Anonymous

    Next time you cut your hair, keep some and cut little bits off. Apply them to your face with spirit gum. It’s a cosplay/crossplay technique.


    Anonymous replied:

    not the op, but that sounds good
    any photographic examples, though? a lot of cosplay techniques are kind of weird in settings where nobody’s in a costume


  5. gk

    Maybe you can leave your hair long right in front of your ears, and somehow shape it like sideburns?


  6. Accidental Beard

    I’m going to second the mascara suggestion. Before I started growing my own sideburns, I bought some cheap drugstore brown mascara that was fairly close to my hair color and very carefully mascara-ed the peach fuzz in my sideburn area. It wasn’t extremely convincing up close but looked good from a few feet away and beyond.


  7. Jasper

    You can use spirit gum and your own hair (or crepe hair), like a previous commenter noted. You can also get a stipple sponge and make-up and use that. The sponge will give you a nice, unshaven texture. I find stippling a lot less irritating than the spirit gum method, but it tends to smudge and rub off on things. And neither will look that realistic under close scrutiny.

    You can get spirit gum, hair, or stippling at theatrical make-up and supply stores.


  8. Jack

    I just have my hair longer in front of my ears, artfully sideburn-shaped. If you cut the ends at a right-hand angle instead of tapering them in a more feminine, pixie-cut style, they work quite well as sideburns! I usually shape them with a bit of dry wax to make them lie flat against my cheeks.


  9. C

    don’t use rogaine. doesn’t work and costs a fortune.


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