Question: What term should I use?

Dakota asks…

I am biologically female and I am androgynous (except for my boobs). I like to dress feminine and masculine, depending on how I feel. The term “girl” just doesn’t feel right to me. But I know I’m not a “boy”.
What (if there is any) term is commonly associated with this?

Please post your response in the comments below.

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17 Responses to “Question: What term should I use?”

  1. Brian

    I personally identified as an androgyne when I felt this way, except I didn’t really switch from dressing feminine and masculine on some days, just androgynous all the time. I might also describe myself as a genderfluid person or something were I in your situation. Now I just identify as “queer” or “other” or “butch” as a gender. Male or female? Pshaw.


  2. InfinitySquared

    Exactly my situation.

    I go with “female” because I don’t really care what people call me, and that’s what I am biologically. It’s not that I actually identify as female all that strongly; it’s just that I don’t really care which way I go, so it doesn’t really feel wrong. The only thing that really feels wrong is when people make assumptions about me based only on the idea that I’m female. Every gender-related test puts me smack in the middle, whether neurologically, sociologically, or psychologically, and while I don’t mind being called female, I do mind when people think it means anything more than the biology.


    Anonymous replied:

    this is about where I am


    Als replied:

    “while I don’t mind being called female, I do mind when people think it means anything more than the biology”

    Perfectly put, thank you. I may use this when explaining my position to family and friends.


  3. Samson

    I’m in a similar situation, identity-wise, and I go by androgyne, genderqueer, and/or trans*. I feel partially androgynous, partially outside the binary/spectrum altogether.


  4. Nasha

    in body I identify as trans because I want the “other” regarding that. but as regards to Gender Identity I am totally androgynous and feel that its kinda fluid. The gender stereotype thing does not suite me.


  5. Jessica

    “Human” comes to mind. On forms I usually put “homo sapiens.” When faced with the typical (M/F) [box], my partner routinely writes in “Y.”

    Neither of us feels much like an “Other” although I like seeing that choice on the forms.


  6. Light.

    This is me. :) On a typical day I wear jeans and a band tee with feminine make up. I realized that I am an androgyne and this makes me feel so free. Sometimes I feel like my boobs cheat me out of being more masculine when I feel that way, but I still like them. I welsome all non-derrogatory pronouns and attitudes, as well. Gender can be fluid, we just need to ride that wave.


  7. J.D.

    I’ve been known to use the term “Gender Ambidextrous” but that may not apply – only you can really know. =)


    Anonymous replied:

    Wow, “gender ambidextrous”, I totally love it!


  8. Sam

    I know how you feel. I am in a similar situation, and I tend to identify myself as either Androgyne or Genderfluid.
    However, labels aren’t important as long as you are comfortable with who and what you are :)


  9. Ash

    There’s the term neutrois, but I’m not sure how it’s different from androgynous.


  10. Kei

    I am in the same position.
    I try to dress femininely or masculinely depending on my mood. Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit more masculine than normal, but it’ll swing back soon, I’m sure.
    I typically either use male/female to match my mood on any given day, or I go with genderqueer or Androgyne.
    I hope you can figure it out soon!


  11. XylophoneGender

    You can always shop around a bit:


  12. Murdercakes

    I am in the same position, but in the end, I identify as Third Gender:


  13. Clare

    i think that the only true label for any of us should be Human Being – and to be accepted as such. Society holds open the jail door – why should we walk in?!!!


    Jessica MacGilvray replied:

    Exactly so.


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