Recommendation: Edward/ Ed

Dazza recommends…

Edward/ Ed

Hmm, how to describe Ed…

I guess I could start with: “she is a comically eccentric teenage girl around 13 years in age” who refers to herself in third person, dresses androgynously, and chose the name Edward because she thought it was fun. How cool is that?

** Edward is a character on the fabulous anime Cowboy Bebop, where she works as a hacker, fools around, and plays with her dog. When I first started the show I thought Ed was a boy, and when I found out she wasn’t- I loved the character even more.

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Posted by on April 20th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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5 Responses to “Recommendation: Edward/ Ed”

  1. Rich

    Radical Edward is one of my favorite anime characters ever! She’s such a contradiction between quirky nonsensical cat-like child and supergenius. I love it!


  2. RBG

    Yeah Ed’s awesome, that show is great as well. She always gets the wrong pronouns lol


  3. Aurora

    Mars Gren – who I believe was featured on the fifth episode of Cowboy Bebop? – is another interesting character. Born male, he is involved in a war and given certain medications to help deal with his PTSD, and develops breasts. I haven’t seen the show in years, but I remember being fascinated by the character.


  4. Cuna

    I <3 Edward! Edward is my favourite character in ever.

    And, yes! Gren is also super, and deserving of many, many hugs!


  5. Courage

    When I first saw this picture, I thought Ed was Tai from Digimon. Hehe, I’m so spending break watching Cowboy Bebop now. :D


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