Recommendation: Monstrous Regiment

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Monstrous Regiment

In a backwater country constantly mired in religious and social conflict with its neighbors, Polly finds herself enlisting (a big no-no in the land of Borogravia) as a man (another no-no!) so she can save her missing brother and save the family business. She’s joined by a rag-tag team of young enlistees and their old-timer sergeant. But … is everything as it seems?

As deadly serious as the situation seems, it’s a very funny, clever, yet touching at times look at gender roles. Pratchett’s pretty irreverent about a lot of things, so don’t go in expecting a manifesto – expect to laugh and nod.

Without spoiling too much, Genderfork readers will find each enlistee has their own story and their fates, identities, and relationships are sometimes left purposefully ambiguous.

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6 Responses to “Recommendation: Monstrous Regiment”

  1. Stephanie

    This book is one of my favorite Pratchett novels :)


  2. Vicky

    A Terry Pratchett novel I haven’t read?! Shock and amazement! I must immediately and without delay make my way to the nearest bookstore!

    Pratchett is one of my favorite authors, and I love that he is basically going into battle against Alzheimer’s both guns cocked and blazing. He’s determined to crank out as many books as possible before his mind leaves him.


  3. Traduit

    One of my favourite books ever. <3 I love Maladict(a). And Polly. And Polly interacting with Maladict(a).

    I can never find this at bookstores, though; it's really disappointing. ;-;


  4. Imogen Quest

    This is one of my favourite fictional explorations of gender and you should all read it have you the resources. <33333


  5. Elijah




  6. Anonymous

    I FREAKIN LOVE THIS BOOK! It’s my fave next to reaper man. I have it on cd, too, haha…


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