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foreign movie from argentina, in spanish

A very interesting movie about an intersexed 15 year old.


“Inés Efron plays Alex, an intersexed 15-year-old, in this compelling tale. Though she’s living as a girl, Alex and her family begin to wonder whether she’s emotionally a boy when another teenager’s sexual advances bring the issue to a head. As Alex faces a final decision regarding her gender, she meets both hostility and compassion.”

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Posted by on May 18th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Recommendation: XXY”

  1. Paige

    I enjoyed this movie, but parts of it were really tough to watch. There is a pretty brutal scene of sexual assault.


    SANTARII replied:

    I remember that scene.
    That scene was really difficult to watch, had me on the edge of my seat, then so angry, then saddened. Possibly not in that order.

    The film is just brilliant though.


  2. schwuze

    Inés Efron is the best. She’s also in a lesbian movie called The Fish Child.


  3. k

    to anyone considering watching this film, if you have a problem with borderline child pornography and/or rape scenes, don’t watch this. XXY needs a trigger warning.


    Nijuro replied:

    Child pornography? With a 15 year old character being portrayed by a 22 year old?


    Sonia replied:

    There was absolutely nothing pornographic about this film. There was a sexual assault scene, which was incredibly painful to watch, but absolutely nothing intended to be titillating. It’s really just a beautiful movie.


    Sean replied:

    There was a sex scene too, way before the sexual assault scene.

    I thought the movie was interesting, but I didn’t actually like it all that much. Interesting characters, but a relatively boring plot.


  4. miss conception

    this film is exceptional. definitely recommend!


  5. Anonymous

    This discription is a bit inaccurate. The person in the movie is intersex not just questioning their gender hence the “XXY” title.


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