Rooftop Perch

Just some good lighting, originally uploaded by lilyoe93.

Posted by on January 3rd, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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13 Responses to “Rooftop Perch”

  1. Brie

    I adore this. Great shot.


  2. just jo

    This is adorable! ^^
    And agreed, the lighting is nice and calm. Perfect for your fair skin.


  3. Nikolai

    I love that outfit. Beautiful.


  4. Jessica

    I spent 2/3 of my youth up trees and on various perches on tall buildings. I used to practice jumping from higher and higher heights until I did this with a friend who broke her ankle in two places.

    What I liked best about the tops of trees was the feeling of freedom and autonomy that I lacked elsewhere in the world.


  5. Heidi

    This makes me want to sit on a rooftop now


  6. kendall

    I love plaid and docs, I want to sit on a roof but its canadian winter and I’m clumsy to begin with, oh well such is life, you look like you were having fun though < 3


  7. radical/rebel

    this is like genderqueer virgin suicides

    you know, that scene when the pretty girls are on the roof and stuff

    anyway, love it


  8. Tim

    i’m in love


  9. Vicky

    As an obsessive-compulsive with moderate height anxiety, I am envious of this beautiful person’s seeming ease on the picturesque perch atop the roof.


    Jessica replied:

    At my school, you came out of the girls’ dorm window, pressing yourself flat against the building, you toed along the ledge (6 inches wide ornamental stonework 2 stories above the flagstone courtyard) for about 35 feet to another window. You climbed in, went across to the other side of the building, out another window, proceeding 25 feet along a 3″ wide parapet to the fire escape. You then climbed the WWI era iron fire escape quietly in the dark to the boys’ dorm.

    I do not know why nobody died doing this. The ledge part was the trickiest, it had been worn down by thousands of nimble feet to the point that it sloped down at almost 40 degrees in spots where the stone had crumbled away. I preferred to do it barefoot.

    The roof in the picture looks pretty tame to me… but not the person on it. :-)


  10. Lily

    it was very cold, but the sun was setting and i wanted to go have a look. My dad snapped this shot from the bathroom window i climbed out of.
    as for the outfit, i am big into androgynous fashion. i love being mistaken for a gay male :D


  11. Ali

    so fine, i like the shoes!


  12. jessica rosales

    i love the shot and the outfit. centering the subject was pretty bold for this but the background really kept it together. great lighting. beautiful subject too


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