Pale person with long hair tied back, wearing high heels, short denim cut-offs, and a dark blue shirt with a gold pattern.

“Trevor”, by Laurel Golio. Originally posted at We Are The Youth.

Posted by on August 20th, 2011 at 10:00 am

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20 Responses to “Trevor”

  1. Fizz




  2. Anonymous

    Omg ze’s gorgeous, I seriously want to look like zir!


  3. Jaye

    That’s a hard look for anyone to pull off, but if you can, by all means work it!


  4. Dimmie

    Killer legs. I’m gonna need a minute, here…


  5. Anonymous

    wow! <3


  6. schwuze



  7. Chuck

    Wow! Gorgeous! <3


  8. Hodge Podge

    Make sure you read the story on the website as well


  9. Morgan

    oh my gosh, you look beautiful, i want your legs!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Anonymous

    You are so beautiful. That’s really all I can say.


  11. T.V. Wilde

    wowwwwww <3 <3


  12. Anonymous

    Stunning. The facial expression is so subtle, yet so piercing. Beautiful.


  13. Regen

    The story is definitely worth reading… oh my god, look at those legs!


  14. Jess

    I’m conflicted about this picture – it’s a shame that I should see someone who looks good, but be dissatisfied with it because it is badly stereotyped and sexist. Perhaps I am just a jealous old frump.


    Alex replied:

    How is it a stereotype or sexist if it’s how the person wants to present themself…?


    radical/rebel replied:

    I agree–I’m not sure that gender expressions can be “stereotyped” or “stereotypical.” You can’t know the thoughts or intentions of the person behind the presentation, so how can you know they’re doing it in a “stereotypical” way?

    I don’t usually take this side of the argument, but it’s worth defending all (specifically, fem-type) gender presentations.


    Jess replied:

    If my presentation induced me to go out in blackface with a hoe and a watermelon, I suspect some people might object. This picture is nothing like as objectionable as all that – it’s is just a bit reminiscent of Barbie. I’d not think twice if I saw this person on the street, but seeing them in that pose raised my feminist hackles just a little.


    Regen replied:

    Did any of you go read the story? (just a suggestion)


    Jess replied:

    I just did. I had not before. It’s nice to know more about the face that greets you in the picture. It’s also nice to hear about accepting parents, which is astereotypical of military minds and quite refreshing.

  15. Andrette

    Kewl look. Nice skinny legs.


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