Two genders in your head

Discussing the two of them. (Necktie skillz!)

Posted by on March 19th, 2011 at 08:00 am

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  1. Blake

    Thank you. I am just starting my transition and the more impatient I am to be acknowledged as the “other” gender, the more confused/miserable I get. I know it’s best to accept my duality (meaning: accept that it will ALWAYS exist) and know that I can’t control the perceptions of others or let them upset me. That said, it’s a great relief, reinforcement and inspiration to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!


  2. Eric/a

    I feel like you’ve explained something I have a difficult time explaining. It’s confusing to have two genders, and even more so for the people around us. I know what you mean about talking in the third person, lol, it makes me sound like I have multiple personalities when they/I are really the same person. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Nicholas

    Welcome to my world :) I’m a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and I’m happy like that. I have a very broad gender identity, and I would enjoy living in the short term as different versions of myself.

    I’m pursuing HRT to build upon the person I naturally am, to polish what I already have, to stay the person I’m accustomed to being.

    It’s a very powerful thing to be “everything” and be able to comfortably align yourself to every situation. There’s less to fight that way!

    (My only issue is bathrooms that aren’t single-occupancy and force you to be less than “everything” at one time. But you can comfortably do the short-term act here, too.)


  4. Jessica

    Well, you’ve found another kindred spirit in me. I went through the denial phase, when I wanted and needed distance from the me that I was, as opposed to the me that I was become. I find distance to be useful and instructive, but I have to recognize that it is nevertheless imaginary. Transitioning didn’t fix me, correct my faults, or erase my past. That’s not the purpose of my transition. I’m not taking Polyjuice potion to become something I am not, but to discover more completely what I am. And I am the man and the woman I always was. Hello me. Hello you.

    I’ve known lots of gay people who, upon discovering themselves to be gay decided to re-write their entire internal/external script. They were this collection of other peoples’ ideas, preconceptions and objectives. They suddenly find those incompatible with gayness, so they collect a whole new batch of pretensions and affectations to reinforce their new freedom. Transfolk can engage in the same kind of shenanigans.

    Pigs is pigs and people is people. We’ve all got every kind of potential for every kind of becoming – “me” is my current set of recognitions. Good luck!


  5. Quinn/Tabitha

    Wow. I can’t believe how remarkably well put everything in this video is. It all resonated with me so much that I actually started crying at the end part. Thank you so much for this.


  6. Anonymous

    Great video! Just so good :)


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