With #2 pencils and lined paper…

Cyn wrote…

My gender-deviant-ness started with my handwriting. I never wanted to write in loop-de-loops like a girl or in chicken scratch like a boy, so I found something in between, with soft curves but strong lines.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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7 Responses to “With #2 pencils and lined paper…”

  1. Jen Lillie



  2. Jessica

    I so re-invented my handwriting. When i was 15 and again when I was 20, I decided to change how I wrote. And ti wasn’t because of what other people said. It wasn’t me, so I changed. What a great metaphor for my life lately.


    J.D. replied:

    I’ve done the same thing. When I started high school and again when I started college. At major transition points in my life I start to realize certain things no longer fit. One of these things often happens to be my handwriting. Luckily thats a simple thing to change unlike some other things that are in transition for me right now.


  3. Anonymous

    I don’t get what people mean when they say ‘girl’s handwriting’ or ‘boy’s handwriting.’ It just never made sense to me that you could gender someone’s penmenship.


    Samson replied:

    It’s intriguing and sometimes frightening what people will (try to) gender. My handwriting looks like “guy handwriting” by others’ standards, but when I point that out, people always reassure me that they can tell I’m a girl from my handwriting.



    Jessica replied:

    Chapter XLII – More Irrelevant Trivialities: the things people try to use to convince us of things that are not at issue.

    If you have “girl” handwriting, wear a dress, lipstick and carry a purse do these things make you more of a woman? If you don’t do these things are you any less of a woman? People in transition get so confused. I get it, we want confirmation, we want to have free expression, we want to get out from under the burden of lies and crap… but then we go ahead and make up a whole new panoply of horseshit and believe in that instead.

    What is real is what’s inside. I am a woman and a man, sometime more one than the other. I dress as I can afford in clothes I like. I take a little more care over my appearance than I have done at other times in my life, but not because I am a man or because I am a woman. I do this because I am me.


  4. Anonymous

    I’ve done the exact same thing.


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