“You don’t have to explain yourself”

Chrissy Lee Polis, survivor of an assault that was captured on camera at a McDonald’s, speaks out against violence and intimidation.

Posted by on July 5th, 2011 at 04:00 pm

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6 Responses to ““You don’t have to explain yourself””

  1. Jen Lillie

    Is there a non-flash version of this video?


    XylophoneGender replied:

    Sadly, I haven’t found one.


  2. Anonymous

    Stay strong! I believe in you, and many others do too.


  3. Jessica MacGilvray

    Ms. Polis may be be many things, but she is not a supremely articulate spokesperson.

    Perhaps it is better to have someone who is not obviously way above normal intelligence, superlatively educated, suave and extemporaneously brilliant. Having someone so obviously ordinary makes transgender not the province of only the extraordinary persons of rare abilities. We all need to remember that we are all the likes of her.


    Adair replied:

    You know, I’ve seen a couple other videos of her and remember being impressed by how she presented herself–very good-natured, focusing on empathy, thanking the woman who helped her, and generally asserting her own needs without being particularly accusatory. I watched this video after reading your comment, and I can see what you mean about her not being the most articulate, but I still pretty much adore the job she’s done in the aftermath of her attack, and being a spokeswoman for the community.

    It’s quite possible that I was programmed by my upbringing to be well-disposed toward pretty young white women with Southern accents and unaggressive-but-unyielding/strong dignity/grace, but I was really surprised and impressed by her when I first saw video of her, and seeing her talk here still put a smile on my face. But I can see where some people are biased against pretty young women with Southern accents–taught to see them as ignorant, weak, and pitiable. And in reality I think she’s a lot like you describe her–not the archetypal “brilliant” queer or trans person; instead very much an ordinary person who has to worry about getting a job. But I hope most people see that extraordinary strength and grace that allows her to give interviews like this after being brutally attacked, and to live as “out” in her community. And it really amazes and inspires me that so many trans people have the strength to live that life. ^_^

    Chrissy Lee Polis, you are an absolutely amazing woman and a hero to me!


  4. moh!

    she’s really pretty! i like her hair.


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