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“Pre gender counseling questionnaire asks Patient Age, Gender, and ‘What problem brings you to seek treatment at this time?'”

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  1. fluffy

    I knew I made the right choice in my current doctor when his intake form had, at the top, separate questions for sex and gender, and the gender included a fill-in-the-blank option.


    Anonymous replied:

    right on!


    Lane replied:

    Nice. My LGBT clinic has “legal sex” and “legal name” and then a separate space for trans* people to specify their preferred names and pronouns.


    Brett Blatchley replied:

    Yes!! My doctor did this too!! M/F/transgender

    *Such* a blessing!!!


  2. Brett Blatchley

    HA!!! Exactly!!!! I’ve taken to modifying forms too!!! If they ask ‘sex’ then I’ll go with ‘male;’ if ‘gender’ then ‘female.’ Sometimes put a big circle around M/F; I wish they had ‘TG!’

    At the local mall, a group conducts a lot of market research and I help them when I can, and they NOW know that I qualify ONLY when they need female demographics. (I most always present on the feminine side of androgynous. AND I do this to help them fill their quotas, keeping their jobs.) Having done thus a few times and having to gently correct them when they’ve breezed through ‘gender,’ calling me ‘male,’ I’ve demurely had them back-up and change me to ‘female’ because as ‘male’ I would be a statistical outlier, as a female, my answers make sense! I do this with a sweet smile and quiet, feminine dignity, secure in who I am. At first, they weren’t sure how to handle me, but now it’s only the new people who don’t know! Anyway, it’s been a privilege to help them understand transgender people in a nice, non-threatening way – they see that we’re just folks too! :-) {Some have said I brighten their day when I zip past with a smile & wave on my exercise-walks!’}


  3. lee

    With forms I have to fill out, I’m always like either, “Yay, I can fill this in, they’re accepting and acknowledge multitudes of genders!” or I’m like, “Yes, I get to deface this form and stick it the man.” because I’m super weird, maybe. Which is why I really despise online forms..


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