Fairly Uniquely Brett

Submitted by Brett, the photographer

“I am a female soul, clothed in the form of a male: Transition to female-form and identity was my first choice, but I have accepted God’s challenge to live content in this blended-form. My task now is to remain committed to this challenge, accepting it as a gift, learning to express my femininity in the context of a male body: I want this to be a winsome and comely expression, unique to me, with the force of feminine beauty, grace and sensibility, yet not unbecoming of the male form, nor denying the masculine parts of my soul. God has promised to make me beautiful, graceful and congruent, certainly in eternity, but also (I believe) here in my life on earth as well.”

Posted by on March 24th, 2012 at 10:00 am

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17 Responses to “Fairly Uniquely Brett”

  1. Jessica Britton

    Nice to see one of our local group here, especially one as special as Brett!



    Brett Blatchley replied:

    Thanks Jessica! I honestly thought they’d forgotten me, so I submitted another photo about a week ago that I think is better. Since it’s one photo per person, we’ll never see it featured in ‘Photos,’ BUT I made it my new profile photo for my various accounts (you can see it here) and this is the caption I gave it, which fits both pictures:

    Blended Be…

    Woman Inside, she Is
    In male form, veiled Without;
    A blend, Translucent!


    Kat replied:

    Sorry Brett! I’m the new photos volunteer and we have some photo submissions all the way from 2010. I’ve been posting some old and some new, so I’m sorry that I missed your new one by just a week or so.


    Brett Blatchley replied:

    Goodness Kat!! I had no idea there was such a backlog!! Thank You for working so hard to make Genderfork a nice and encouraging place to experience – It’s really been a blessing to me. Thank You for posting my photo too! :-)

  2. Danie

    Beautiful words, love and light:)


  3. radical/rebel

    yeahh! I love seeing this photo of Brett, and I remember reading these words more than a year ago. sometimes I like to reflect on how I believe that my gender uniqueness is a gift from God for the better of the world.

    brett you are truly beautiful and your spirit shines from this photo and these words. thank you!! peace to you.



    Brett Blatchley replied:

    Thank You so much too Radical/Rebel, you’re an encouragement to me, and I’m glad our gender journeys have intersected for a season! :-)


  4. Andy

    You are so beautiful- it shines through your eyes, window to the soul, if you’re a window-shopping sort. I am. Your courage to accept the challenge being trans without transitioning is beyond my imagining. I hope we run into each other one day. I’d sure like to sit down and talk.


  5. Niamh

    Ah this is a beautiful photo, you look really heavenly! :-)


  6. Hodge Podge

    I remember you Brett, hope you’re doing ok :)


    Brett Blatchley replied:

    Hi Hodge Podge! I’m doing well, thank you! And you?

    (You all are *so kind* :-) )


  7. Anonymous

    I understand and appreciate your struggle of the self and God’s design for your life. You need to know that God made you for a very specific purpose. You were not a mistake, nor we’re you mass produced. He created you, all of you, both internal and external. There is a harmony of uniqueness for you in your entirety as you are right now. Keep struggling with God on his plan for you. You are not alone. Be mindful of our sin nature and look forward to the retrospect of seeing how this all comes together for you in His design.



    Brett Blatchley replied:

    MT? What you’ve shared is haunting…I’ve ‘heard’ very much the same thing, I think, from God at junctures of my journey…

    I’m at such a juncture again, now: God is stepping-up the pace at which He is using me to love others, AND I am growing in freedom to *be* who I am with integrity, AND my body is so difficult to endure, though the grace of (recently started) female hormones is helping somewhat. I am living as a ‘blend,’ I think, because that is how God wants to use me, but I am a woman inside, ‘driving’ this male body, and I long for a body that ‘fits’ or no body at all.

    It is the tension of wanting to fullful my purpose (God’s purpose for me) and somehow tolerate this incongruity. And then there is my desire to be the object of my Love’s desire as is normal for females, and this can only be filled by God, because I myself must fullfill my own wife’s female desires, remaining nominally male…

    Only God’s ‘Niagara Falls’ of grace enables me to manage in this male form, even this compromise ‘blend.’ AND I am weary: the challenge to be content is so…challenging…along with giving myself back to God for His use to love and help heal others…

    Thank you for your encouragement here MT. I will take it as God reminding me of what He’s already shown me, because I am at a point where I need reminding, as I’ve lost sight of the fact that for here and now, He wants me this way. Please pray for me!


  8. Ragini

    Hi Brett,

    You indeed have the wonderful soul of a woman. When I saw your photograph, I had an epiphany. It was as if my mind told me – ‘This is what you should strive to become’.

    You are an inspiration Brett.

    Being able to transition is wonderful, but even without transitioning, I too think it is possible to express feminine grace and beauty.

    Good luck and god bless.


  9. Brett Blatchley

    Thank you Ragini, and thank you Everyone!

    You are all so kind in what you’ve written and it helps that you all can hold a mirror up to me to help me understand myself better. As we love ourselves with more purity and integrity, we can to the same with God and others.

    I am *so blessed*!!! :-)


  10. Anonymous

    You have a beautiful soul and gift for words. I am female and have always felt the way you’ve expressed but as a woman so fit to be a man trying to accept and love every layer of fem/masc that is within. <3


    Brett Blatchley replied:

    You are so kind… Thank you for what you do to enrich others! <3

    It seems that all of us here are on a very special journey, and it is meant that we be seen, and heard, and that our love be expressed: We are ambassadors to others, helping them see from new vistas, and to experience life more richly, and we do this by simply living and loving by example…


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