Alex wrote…

I have a disability in my arms which makes it difficult to slip a binder on. I already have one (and can’t afford another) which I can get on and off because it’s a lighter spandex, but it doesn’t completely flatten my chest. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could wear or add to it to flatten more? I’d rather not do ace bandages, they hurt me everytime I try and use them.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. Joss/Ames

    There are some binders which don’t slip on like a sweater, but rather button/velcro on at the front or back like a cardigan/vest. You could try one of those.


  2. Joss/Ames

    Oh! Sorry, was reading your post in the morning and didn’t read the “can’t get another one” part. You could adapt your current one into a vest by cutting vertically down the front center, re-binding and/or sealing the edges (with a little fabric glue) to prevent fraying as the binder naturally changes shapes, and sew on either a store-bought zipper or two flaps on either side, one with buttons and one with buttonholes. I’d do trial runs on a few practice vests made of scrap fabric first, though, especially if you only have one vest.


  3. Anonymous

    Is there a possibility of finding a second hand one to do the above suggestion? Sometimes you can get binders quite cheaply.


  4. RBG

    Yes- I would suggest going to DoubleT or TKingdom and taking a look at some velcro-side binders. Then you just slip it on like a vest and velcro the sides together!


    Lane replied:

    Great idea


    Anonymous replied:

    Also, LoveBoatShop has some good binders (if you ever find yourself in a position where you are able to get a new one). They can get pricey though.


  5. Anonymous

    You could also try layering tank tops over top or wearing a sports bra in addition…Be careful, of course, not to make things too constricting with the sports bra idea. Also, that trick may not be helpful if you have difficulty putting things on over your head, and it also may make you look larger, depending on the nuances of your body type. Another thought might be to make your own binder if you can afford/already have appropriate fabric and supplies.

    Best of luck!


  6. Anonymous

    Thanks everyone for the advice!


  7. Reb!

    Before I bought “real” binders, I made my own out of those neoprene “Waist Trimmers” that walmart has. I modified them using bra closures because I hate the way that velcro sounds. (Plus, it’s rough enough that my skin was VERY unhappy with me until I modified it.)
    Not sure if your arms will be pleased with wrap-around psudo-binders, but if you’ve used ace bandages in the past (and please, for the love of your body, never ever ever do that to yourself again! You’re much too lovely for that!) you should be able to use the waist trimmers with little problem.
    Good luck! <3


  8. Lane

    I posted to another area re binding and using control top pantyhose- very stretchy/easy to get into and tight binding once it’s on…look at Hudson’s ftm Guide online


  9. Anonymous

    My boyfriend wore a sports bra over his binder before his surgery.


  10. Anonymous

    My brother’s favorite binder zips up the front. I use compression/sports-bras because they are cheap, but they aren’t quite the same. I read recently on Original Plumbing about a binder swap program that might be worth checking out.


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