Submitted by Sophia/Jack, the model and photographer.

“Becoming a woman made me comfortable with my (very non-male) masculinity.”

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Posted by on July 9th, 2012 at 10:00 am

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10 Responses to “Male-to-Female-to-Butch”

  1. Dea

    Love this. When I came out as mtf a lot of people were puzzled. “but you were never very feminine”. One of the most important realizations I’ve made is that female and feminine mean completely different things to me. At some level, one could say Im transitioning partly to be comfortable in boys cloths again


  2. Aubri

    I’ve had a similar experience except in the opposite direction. As I transitioned to a more masculine presenting person, I became more comfortable doing things I perceived as feminine, such as crocheting and knitting. It’s been quite a lot of fun dressing in men’s formal wear, drinking tea, and crocheting at Starbucks.


    J.D. replied:

    Ditto here. When I came out as ftm it was almost expected – what people didn’t expect was that it made me more comfortable with expressing myself in feminine ways. The most recent occurrence I can think of being when a friend of mine painted everyone’s nails during a movie night. To him it was just good fun, and I didn’t even think of it as a stereotypical “girl” thing until I went out for pizza with a friend later and he said “broseph, what is on your hands?!”

    I laughed.


  3. charto

    Love this too. :) I’ve been feeling similar too. :) Been playing around with the idea of chopping off my long hair for similar reasons.


  4. Amy Fox

    Totally there with you. Wrote on it in persistance.

    Does anyone here know any MtF-butch-spectrum people who can act BTW?


  5. Anonymous

    hot damn! :) lots of love from the Nova Scotia!


    tigr replied:

    And love back to Nova Scotia:) I still fondly remember Venus Envy in Halifax, the first time I saw a book store full of queer [though at the time I was way too timid to actually buy any book]…


  6. Jo-I-Dunno

    Yeah, we MTF butches are really a minority within a minority. I’m finding it difficult to find others like me to relate to. I recently created a website to try and connect MTF butches and/or spread awareness. Please come visit and say hello!


  7. nn

    @ jo-i-dunno:
    yay! just checked your website.. its awesome! i m a cis lesbian and youre exactly the type of woman i feel attracted to. its so cool to see more variety in trans*women community. why would it always have to be all pink and girly with dresses and highheels? thats not the only way of being feminine!
    and about getting read as a young boy.. well thats how us butches often get misgendered.. people are so afraid of seeing a self-confident beautiful dyke so they decide to see a little boy instead. hope you can take that as a compliment for not fitting into their stupid little stereotypical gender-boxes.

    hope you rock on and hope youll build a great and supportive community. be sure that i am your ally!



    Jo-I-Dunno replied:

    Compliment accepted! Also, good to know there are people out there attracted to people like me. I’ve never dated or met anyone I was interested in dating (I don’t really run in LGBT circles in meatspace), so I was beginning to wonder if my life could ever go in that direction. I guess it can!


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