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I need to buy business clothing for my new job, and I have to decide whether to present as primarily masculine or feminine. I’m neutrois, and being uncomfortable with either, I’m looking at everything I can to try to find something resembling a neutral medium.

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

Posted by on August 19th, 2012 at 08:00 am

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  1. Joss/Ames

    As far as shirts/blouses go, have you considered something with a mandarin collar? Those are pretty neutral, yet slightly formal, and you could probably layer them with other things that are gendered or not gendered, depending on how you feel at the moment. You could also get a slim suit of either masculine or feminine cut and tailor it very slightly to reduce the level of masculinity/femininity (waist, hip flaring, etc.) I suppose it also depends on the average temperature of where you live; there are some fashions that are infinitely more difficult to make comfortable in either very hot or very cold places…


  2. cenozoic

    I hope you can find something that feels natural and comfortable to you. Personally, to convey the gender identity I want in the workplace, I use clothes as a counterbalance. Based on my physical features I’m usually read as female, so I seek out trim, non-feminine to masculine women’s clothing which fits me well while countering that impression. Simple cuts, wear a binder or tank top underneath, avoid darts and embellishments. Big thrift stores offer the most options. Fit aside, I suspect the women’s section contains more neutral clothing overall. I realize I am privileged and this may not be an option for everyone, since patriarchy prizes female masculinity over male femininity.


  3. Anonymous

    maybe try sweater vests? that’s what i’m using. they can be pretty neutral…


  4. Anonymous

    I personally like the collared shirts from Eddie Bauer. While they are a woman’s cut, they have buttons like a man’s shirt so you can wear it more open, or completely closed with a tie if you want. I find suits to be pretty neutral these days. A men’s suit with a women’s blouse? A women’s suit cut feminine but with a tie? (I like ties haha) If you are in a climate for sweaters, a lot of styles are very gender neutral. I personally like this style:

    but there are other neutral styles as well. Best of luck!


  5. Icarus

    To the person who suggested sweater vests, thank you. I’m going to get my senior yearbook portrait done today, and I’ve been agonizing for weeks about what to wear (thank goodness we at least have the option to choose our own semi-formal outfits instead of the fake tux/ drapes dichotomy that the yearbook photographer used in years past). I will be rocking a nice gender-neutral sweater vest over a white dress shirt, and not feeling like I’m in drag for my senior picture. Thank you so much!


    sasha replied:

    im only a sophomore, but im already anticipatng how im going to explain to these doofuses that i am NOT going to wear one of those hideous black dreeses.


  6. StarchildMagic

    “Anonymous” (comment #4) is right, a basic suit is a pretty gender-neutral look. I’ve been working in corporate America for eight years, and I’ve seen plenty of men and women both wearing pantsuits, and it looked very professional.


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