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I’m transmasculine, in the process of transitioning. I’ve recently found that in bed, I really dislike gendered language and names (both anatomy and personal). Does anyone have ideas/suggestions for body part/pet names that are gender neutral?

What’s your experience?

And what are you thinking about gender right now?

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  1. Wiley

    As for pet names…

    My lover calls me:

    Dearie, Darling, Love, Cuddles, My Cuddle-partner in Crime (yeah…we do a lot of cuddling), Babe, and Sweetie.

    We also tried “oh, captain, my captain” for like a week or two, just because it was hilarious! Just experiment around and see what you like…Also just being called “my -insert your name here-” is pretty endearing.


  2. Aubri

    My partner’s playful name for me is Androgynous Lover of Unspecified Gender. It’s really cute.


  3. Jesse

    All sorts of rude and ridiculous things come to mind. Try Gray’s Anatomy (the book, not the show). Things are as gendered as you make them. Even penis or vagina have only the associations you give them… if you doubt this you can try renaming them, but the association is in your head, not in your tongue.


  4. Maximillian711

    My ex used to call me ‘my gender-neutral figure charming’…


  5. Weaaver

    There was a similar question asked on reddit, and the list that was produced was adorable and hilarious…

    Someone posted what they referred to as the “master link” … which is > < that.

    However, someone else added the list of pet names including
    "Significant other, lover, person I'm going out with, date, loveydovey, partner, partner in crime, sidekick, superhero, amour, love, [traditional endearments and pet names: sweetie, honey etc..], other half, better half, keeper, caretaker, master, angel, best influence, love of my life, honeybunny, wittle pookins, mario, princess, precious, beautiful, pretty, cutey, graceful sir(sir can be gender neutral), boss, your highness…"

    Others suggested titles like Wombat, Player 2, Drill Sargent, co-pilot, and partner in romance.

    Honestly, I'm just nerdy enough that someone calling me their player 2 would be pure win.


    tigr replied:

    Could you link the original reddit thread ?


  6. Anonymous

    This girl online has taken to calling me little one, and little bean fren


  7. Mykie

    My boyfriend calls me cutie a lot and I very much enjoy that.
    Babe, baby, cutie, love, etc. It was hard for him to transition out of calling me princess and things like that but he got used to it.


  8. Floofball

    I have started calling my significant other Wabbit, Poofball, Bean, and sometimes Pidge (we are both big fans of VLD). They, in return, call me Cutie, Cutie Pie, Baby, and The Amazing One.


  9. May

    I have so many nicknames for the person I’m dating.
    Babes, Babe, Baby, my love, Mine, One and only, significant other, bean, beanie, cuddle bug, Cutie, Adorable, lovey, Hun, and most hilariously punkin’.
    But also I call them Darling a lot with a Freddie Mercury voice.


  10. Jay

    My boyfriend calls me sweetheart, my love, my baby, gremlin, and cute shit like that, but I think some more good things to say would be dear, lovebug, my world, my universe, honey, and what not.


  11. Ash

    My boyfriend calls me his Little Star a lot, and i really love that.


  12. Sam

    Sugarcake, Sugarcube…

    but some other one’s my dad used with my mom are

    Possom. XD


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