Platypus Warrior

Submitted by Nika, the model and photographer.

“I’m transgender. This is me on a fairly androgynous day, ready to battle the minions of banality. Why the platypus? I feel that one of the best explanations of my gender is the platypus. I’m not entirely pangender, not agender, and not incredibly fluid. I am gender platypus.”

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Posted by on August 11th, 2012 at 10:00 am

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9 Responses to “Platypus Warrior”

  1. Silvia

    Nice wearing I love it :3


    Nika replied:

    Thanks!! I’ve really been getting into pseudo-fetish somewhat darkish… um… well… platypus fashion lately. ^.^ Finding what works for me and having a blast doing it ;)


  2. Charles

    Hi Nika! You look lovely, as always! :)

    Checked in to Genderfork to see what new updates there were and so excited to see a friend! :D

    ps….I’ve always loved platypuses! :)


    Nika replied:

    Hi Sir!! And thanks :D

    The platypus may be confusing, but the platypus knows what a platypus is *nods* It’s a platypus.


  3. Forever Beloved

    Wow. Your clothing is fantastic and I wish I could dress like you…


    Nika replied:

    Thanks! I’ve been finding some great treasures lately for really cheap in thrift stores and on auction sites.


  4. dylan



    Nika replied:

    but not a sluttypus,

    sadly! :P


  5. Anonymous

    Kisses lovely. <3


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