Profile: Amelia

You can call me… Amelia

I identify as… MtF-pan-romantic-asexual-polyamorous-lesbian-artist. Or just queer, that seems easier right?

As far as third-person pronouns go, … she, always she.

I’m attracted to… androgyny, femininity, boyish girls, girly boys, tattoos, piercings, nice eyebrows, cute noses, cat-lovers, and intelligence. Whomever I fancy, really.

When people talk about me, I want them to… realize that I can probably hear them, I have hella awesome hearing. Also, they should talk about how awesome I am (that is if they think I am, of course).

I want people to understand… I am not a gender or a sexual orientation, I’m a person and those are just facets of me.

About Amelia
Amelia is a 23 year old INTP who likes cats, coffee, body modification, and drawing. She’s currently going to school for graphic design and works as a web developer. Follow her on tumblr if you so wish at

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Posted by on May 1st, 2012 at 08:00 am

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9 Responses to “Profile: Amelia”

  1. Kei

    Stunning picture!


  2. Nai

    Whoa, we share many identities, and the ones we don’t share fit under the same umbrella. I’m a genderqueer who is panromantic, gray-A, and polyamorous. I also identify as queer because it’s easier, haha.


  3. Nai

    Also, I randomly made out all night with someone named Amelia once. I wish it had been you.


    Amelia replied:

    lol Sounds fantastic. :P


  4. sh

    Gorgeous-lovely. Also, queer, panaffectionate, poly-ace pride!


  5. Frankie Wilde

    Woahhhh, beautiful! <3


  6. bunny

    you’re fancy ~^^~


  7. Madi

    I like your face ;)


  8. Jordan Lee (Facebook)

    Hello, my name is Jordan Lee. I’m a 21 hear old androgynous male living in Los Angeles, California. I’d love to chat and make friends, my Facebook is above if interested .


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