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You can call me… Charlotte. Or if you’re feeling professional, you can call me Char d’Ar or Charlotte Francesca d’Arcangelo. You can also call me by my birth name, Christian.

I identify as… … a male-bodied bisexual. In practice I have rarely referred to myself as such, but I really like the term “genderqueer” and what it entails. If I’m forced to imagine a linear scale from feminine to masculine, I believe I’m just barely feminine-of-center.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … “He” and “she” are perfectly fine, as long as they describe the person I present at the time. But I hate to force others to constantly switch pronouns. That’s why I really like “zie” and “hir,” just two words which can be used in any situation.

All that said, I can’t stand the singular “they.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s just grammatically incorrect!

I’m attracted to… sexually? I like boys on the slightly girlier side and girls on the slightly boyish side =)

In general, though, I’m attracted to nerdiness, geekery, intellectual stimulation and people who aren’t afraid. I admire fearless people who dare to be stupid and refuse to let others’ opinions to faze them.

When people talk about me, I want them to… …never stop! In all serious, though, I want them to recognize my many facets. Artistically, I spread myself very thin, so I want discussions about me to reflect that. I want people to pay attention to my ideas and my works, and not the obvious/superficial traits, like wardrobe decisions and such.

I want people to understand… …that I am the same person, no matter how I present myself. I always am, and always will be, the very same pathological case of NERD. Also, I tend to over-intellectualize everything, but I want people to understand that I never intend to alienate.

I want people to understand other people who wear clothes as just that – people who wear clothes. Vestites, in other words. That’s all we are.

About Charlotte
Char d’Ar is a twenty-something multimedia scientist/artist .Born, raised, and currently living in the San Francisco Bay area. Zie recently picked up hir B.A. in Media and Cultural Studies from UC Riverside. Char used to be one of those people who was afraid, but zie has since dared to be stupid a great number of times.

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8 Responses to “Profile: Charlotte”

  1. Als

    I love your smile. This:

    “Char used to be one of those people who was afraid, but zie has since dared to be stupid a great number of times.”

    is so beautiful, I may have to stick it to my “inspirational quotes” board! It’s a whole story in one sentence.


    Char d'Ar replied:

    I’m so touched that you were touched by what I said! (That’s some serious meta-touching right there.)


  2. Ríobhca

    You look beautiful!


  3. Anonymous

    I can identify so much with you…

    Thanks for showing the path !


  4. Andy

    I love your smile, and I am also touched by your message about being afraid. Every once in a blue moon on mars I see a post on genderfork that really touches me and I hope to eventually cross paths with whoever submitted it. I guess there aren’t too many Charlotte Francesca d’Arcangelos in the world :)


    Char d'Ar replied:

    Blue moons on Mars are pretty, but I prefer sunsets on Venus =) Thank you so much!


  5. Jeff

    Char thanks so much for posting this! it’s huge to see another twenty something in SF that’s so similar to me… I’m really encouraged to start expressing my identity more now that I’ve read your story :)


    Char d'Ar replied:

    You’re more than welcome. Go express yourself! I’d love to hear your story, too.


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