Profile: Christopher Dowdy

You can call me…  Christopher Dowdy or Chris Dowdy.

I identify as…  an SDA FTM Christian. An SDA Christian is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.

[I believe] an FTM is a Female to Male Transsexual. A transsexual is some One that hasn’t had any surgeries. A transgender person is some One that has had surgeries. Note that some people use Transgender to describe themselves because the word Transgender is more commonly used. The word transsexual is an older term. I’m defining these terms because I’ve been asked to do this when posting on other sites.

I’m attracted to… any One that can love me for who I am, even if that changes down the line.

When people talk about me, I want them to… be respectful. I want them to use male pronouns.
I want people to understand that God made me who I am … I’m not extremely masculine, nor am I extremely feminine. I want people to understand that we are not all the same. Every One’s different in their own way. Please don’t try and make me be any other person then who I am. Please understand that this may or may not change. Do not try and shame me in to being who you want me to be. I need and want you to love me unconditionally. I know that every One can’t do this. I’m just asking you to try?

I want people to understand… that I’m Visually Impaired. I can’t see out of my left eye. I can only see a little out of my right eye. I play a sport called Goalball. I play for my state. I play on a girls team for now. I hope to some day play on a guys team. If I do not build my skills up to where I would feel comfortable playing on a guys team, I will be ok staying on a girls team. Goalball is a Paralympics sport played all around the world. If you would like to find out more about Goalball, you can go to There are lots of videos from all over the world. I like meeting and hanging out with new people. I would like to meet other SDA’s that are L G B T Q Q I A P. I hope I didn’t leave out any One. If I did I’m sorry. Please forgive me?

About You can call me Christopher Dowdy or Chris Dowdy.
Hey, I’m 25 years old. I’m from GA. I like to go to church, sing, read, write, and play Goalball. If you would like to know anything else just ask?

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  1. fluffy

    Generally I’ve seen the terms used the other way around – “transgender” meaning someone who expresses themselves in a way other than their birth sex, and “transsexual” meaning someone who has completed the surgery (or at least intends to at some point). Of course, language is weird and volatile, so it’s good to explain what you mean if there can be some confusion.


    makalove replied:

    That’s how I have understood them being used as well, although I actually don’t know many who use “transsexual” to describe themselves either before or after surgery. I’m alright with folks using words however works for them, but am also grateful to folks who offer a guide to how they’re using the words they choose! :)


  2. Amy

    Are you actually in GA still? Or just from there? I’m also SDA, and fortunate enough to be SoCal right now. No, I’m not attending La Sierra, but my membership is at the LSUChurch and I guest lecture at the university occasionally. (Tomorrow, I’m addressing a writing class about gender archetypes in As You Like It.)
    Bluntly, I’m curious how you’re doing. Have you found an SDA support network? There’s so much that gets thrown around about how certain regions are and what different areas will and will not support. So, I’m asking instead of assuming: how are you doing?


  3. Christopher Dowdy

    Hey happy new year! How are you all doing? Thank you all so much for getting back to me. I like talking to new people. Amy yes I still live in GA. I was born and razed here. I’m still going to an SDA church here in Atlanta. I’m not sure how L G B T Q Q I A friendly other SDA churches are around the world. I don’t kno of any. I would like to find One here in GA. Have you gone to I wish I could be myself in church and at home. Oh yah sorry for getting back to you all so late. Hey if you all would like to ask me any thing else you can.


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