Profile: Elle Emme

You can call me… Elle Emme.

I identify as… a femme lesbian all the way.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … she/her.

I’m attracted to… amazing noses. Tomboys: There’s a fine line between tomboy and masculine, and I’m great at navigating it. I also adore the occasional (lucky!) femme. And I can’t forget my boyfriend.

When people talk about me, I want them to… never worry that I might be hurting. I want them to always talk about “happy” me.

I want people to understand… that I’m not hiding my identity in femininity. I love dresses, heels, skirts, makeup, long nails, and doing my hair. I love being queer. I want people to understand how difficult it can be being femme and having to tell everyone I meet that I am a lesbian, because they assume otherwise. Understand what it feels like to feel a constant pressure from both queer and straight communities to prove that I am queer, simply because my outward appearance doesn’t fit the stereotype. I want people to understand that I can have a boyfriend who is female-bodied, and that’s O.K.

About Elle Emme
My live revolves around inspiration. Music, clothes, and an oddball film influence me to write everyday. If I can’t be a writer, then I can’t be anything else. I want to be a voice in fiction for the outcast and/or the queer community.

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6 Responses to “Profile: Elle Emme”

  1. Anonymous

    I get it. If you haven’t heard the song “Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses” by CWA, check it out. It’s pretty awesome (heads up, it’s explicit).


  2. radical/rebel

    thanks for your profile! nice to meet you virtually.



  3. Andrea

    Thank you for representing, beautiful femme sister.

    I moved to a new city and am no longer in a relationship and boy! this invisibility is making me sad! It has taken me plenty of work to present how I feel most comfortable (and most beautiful), and I often get the impression that I’m “too pretty” to be taken seriously.

    So, I feel ya!


  4. Marilyn

    Hi my name is Marilyn I live in Arizona :) please email me if you have a chance I’m not a creep or anything lol just looking for friends online to talk to. Thank you and have a beautifull day:)


  5. Alysia

    I love seeing a powerful femme!

    Thank you for sharing.


  6. Anonymous


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