Profile: Fabio

You can call me… Fabio.

I identify as… pansexual, would want to be more androgynous, I don’t like labels. Though I’ve mostly been heteroflexible I suppose. I believe in sexual fluidity and just do what feels right.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … I feel most natural with “he” (probably because it’s what I’m used to), although depending on who’s saying it (or with what intention). “She” or “her” has made me feel emotionally understood. It broadens who I am, and I don’t feel restricted to male-ness whatever that means. “Ze” and “hir” would be awesome too.

I’m attracted to… I’ve been attracted to just about any category of person. It really depends , I can’t really pinpoint what specifically attracts me to a person. I’ve been intimate mostly with girls, but have been with boys when given the opportunity. Most people assume I’m totally straight because of that I guess.

When people talk about me, I want them to… I want people to talk about me in whatever way they will. I’m not much for trying to make specific impressions on them.

I want people to understand… that stereotypes run so deep that it literally warps the way we interact with other people. I want people to understand that words are dead, and that nothing can touch the reality of who a person is, unless we want to submit to labels and conformity. I’m really not that big on changing anyone’s views, I just want to meet more people who care about these types of things

About Fabio
I am 21 years old , I practice art ritualistically , I love learning and reading constantly , I “meditate” per say though I do not believe in the spirit concept , I write all the time, I love the body/movement, I’m generally a really nice guy , I’m vegan , I believe in activism (though not specifically for animal rights, more occupy/anonymous/zeitgeist/anti-establishment type of thing), I want to live all over the world, I believe in deep ecology to a certain degree, I don’t know. I’m less typical than I probably just outlined , I’m not used to describing myself.

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3 Responses to “Profile: Fabio”

  1. radical/rebel

    hey! I think if I ever ran into you in the outside world, I would be really, really grateful. you seem pretty wonderful.

    keep fightin’ <3



  2. That person over there

    Hi Fabio. I loved reading your profile. I’m a vegan, too! I wonder if non-binary people are more likely to be vegan…


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Fabio, you sound great. Honest and self-aware. What city do you live in?


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