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8 Responses to “Hunter”

  1. Adam

    Hey hunter… you seem very interesting nuff said ;)


  2. Valorie

    I’m a girl, 13, I freaking think your Hotttt!! Sadly you don’t know me and you probably wont ever know me, I can’t stop thinking about you, I think you adorable, I’m exactly like you, I hope to meet you one day. Don’t give up on your dreams, hunter. By the way I love you name. This may be creepy, but don’t give upon your dreams because you only live once. <3


  3. Valorie(again;correction)

    I meant up on
    And I love your name
    Why didn’t I press preview?!
    Anyways love you
    je t’aime encore une fois,
    et le sera toujours.


  4. willy

    Idk if you are bi or not but imma guy and I think your really hot and I’m your age I don’t just people on how different or what ever they are we were created like this for a reason :)


    Dragneel San replied:

    Same here I’m bi


  5. Emily

    OMG ur so cute. Ur so amazing and I like the way u think. I hope u can text me on Kik at emmysoto12. And if u have a Instagram add me at emmy_amazing.


  6. Dragneel San

    Hey hunter you are cute I would go out with u right now like dude ur freaking adorable and cute but I can’t live in this world because my life has no meaning


  7. Dragneel San

    i got a question are u 16 right now


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