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You can call me… whatever you would like. I allow everyone I meet to give me a name, if that person would like. So far I have 797!

I identify as… GenderQueer, Andro, Pansexual, Polyamorous, Kinky, Two-Spirit, Queer, Xueer, Familia, Person of color, sex positive, body positive, size positive. But in reality, I am simply who I am , I don’t like these classifications. But I understand their utility.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … the singular form of They (subjective) Them (objective) Their (possessive), or using my name works too.

I’m attracted to… mostly Queer people of any gender. I will say that I have a stronger affinity to people of color, but that is not always the case… If you are down, and I mean DOWN, then I probably like you (already jeje) regardless of anything else.

When people talk about me, I want them to… talk about my character(s) not my body/gender/size/sexuality,

my nature not my/ their social exceptions of me,

Love and beauty of the mind and energy

but mainly I don’t really want people to talk about me. I am, after all, no one special. I am only a reflection of others

I want people to understand… That I am guided by great feelings of love, and that it is universal but not without faults… So I will be patient as much as I can be.

About or

I live in Santa Cruz, CA, but thinking of moving back S.F. bay area… and I am single (or as other poly folk say) “single single.”

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6 Responses to “Profile: Many Names”

  1. radical/rebel

    hey. I think I’m down. it’d be great if our paths crossed some day. I like the idea of letting other people name you… I already try to do that with my name.

    be gentle with yourself and fierce in the struggle!!



    Many names? replied:

    “be gentle with yourself and fierce in the struggle!!”

    One of the greatest injustices is that we are taught and told to demean ourselves is so many ways…. so yes indeed i will be gentle with myself!!! that is how we begin to shows how fierce we can really be.

    Chale pues it be rocking if our paths do cross

    With love and purpose and the purpose of love,


  2. Able

    Hey thoughtless. :o)


    Many names? replied:

    hey hey


  3. B

    Wooo santa cruz! I lived there 8 years before moving to oakland. I miss the beach and the acai bowls from samba rock cafe, and strolling downtown at night with a sweetie, and bike rides in the mountains and just about everything but the lack of jobs.

    Ha, and I see from facebook that we are both friends with Taj and Julian, natch.


    Many names? replied:

    you bike too! thats cool! thats something i dont what to miss from this place… Epic bike rides


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