Profile: Marie

You can call me… Marie

I identify as… a feminine bi sexual.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … a non-judgmental indie girl.

I’m attracted to… Butchy and Girlie women, and Artsy men.

When people talk about me, I want them to… focus on my knowledge and my personality.

I want people to understand… that I am a very sensitive person, and that my preference on partners is my own.

About Marie
Hey there :) My name is Marie, and I am a musician. I am also a writer, and I hope to either make a novel, become famous, or become a hairdressing lawyer. I am bi sexual, and I am also a christian. My views and beliefs are my own. That should be respected by others and not touched. Get to know me, I think I can be interesting.

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Posted by on August 18th, 2012 at 08:00 am

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4 Responses to “Profile: Marie”

  1. Kazu

    At the risk of sounding judgemental, I’m a little curious why this profile was chosen to be displayed. My understanding is that this site has a predominant focus on gender-variant individuals, and whilst I admit I do not know this individual personally and am ignorant of the majority of details of their life, the profile written here reveals little in the way of any variance with possible exception of their sexuality which I for one do not equate with gender expression (although it may be an integral part).

    I don’t want to take an attitude of “queerer than thou” and I do not want this post to be interpreted as a personal attack on anyone, least of all Marie who seems like a lovely person. Certainly the curators of this site are free to permit whatever content they choose. However I might suggest to the site team that if there are profiles lined up that more obviously deviate from contemporary gender norms, these should probably receive a higher priority than more ambiguous ones such as this, given the site’s focus, or that ambiguous posts be revised before posting.

    I hope this criticism is received as constructive and not offensive. I love this site and hope to see it continue to flourish.


    angelo replied:

    From the site description: “Genderfork is a supportive community for the expression of identities across the gender spectrum.”

    Nowhere on this site is it stated that only gender variant people will be featured. It is from time to time necessary to remind ourselves of the fact that also cis folks are part of the spectrum of human experience. (Not that I’m assuming Marie is or isn’t cis – we don’t know and we don’t need to know.)

    I’ve seen this same discussion on this site previously. I hope someone dugs up some old threads where the whole “who has the right to be on GF” debacle has been covered.

    Anyway, I thank you for the polite way you worded your comment. We’ve seen ruder ones in the past :)


  2. angelo

    This thread is one example of past discussions:


  3. Anonymous

    First poster here. Thanks to both of you for the clarification. There is no need to thank me for being polite. I’d expect the same of anyone else here. I sympathise with the linked thread’s sentiment of “isn’t that what every other site is for”, but as you point out, there is nothing in GF’s mission statement that prohibits ambiguous posts such as this (indeed, the tagline was staring at me all along: “Beauty in Ambiguity”).

    As such, I’ll retract my previous opinion. My only concern is that if GF becomes too over-run with non-variant profiles, the voice of an already-silenced minority will become diminished further. But given GF’s overwhelming focus on such individuals, this is unlikely to happen to any significant degree.

    Good day to you all. :)


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