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You can call me… Matthew, Matty, Matt, Mattoozle, Mateo, etc…. I’ve been called all of the above. Call me whatever you want, but I’m usually called Matt.

I identify as… a human being first and foremost. Made in the image of God. I am biologically male and identify as male, but I also have a very strong and obvious feminine side that I don’t deny or try to hide. In fact, I embrace it openly and quite enjoy it, I wear make-up, paint my fingernails and toenails (any and all colors), dress in a unisex manner, etc…. Most of my friends are girls, as I simply relate to them better. I enjoy facials, manicures, pedicures, etc… Things you would not normally associate with guys. I would call myself an androgynous male or a gender bender as far as actual terms go.

As far as third-person pronouns go, … in the end you’re gonna call me whatever you want to call me, so have at it. Being called things like “Girly boy” and stuff like that doesn’t really bother me at all, because technically it’s true. Hehe. I am Matt. No more. No less.

I’m attracted to… women. I would say that someone who shares my Faith, open-mindedness, androgyny, eccentricity, uniqueness, tolerance, patience, expressiveness, and sensitivity are the things that I look for.

When people talk about me, I want them to… try not focus so much on gender binaries, and try to see who I am on the inside. Like I said, more than anything I am human being made in the image of God. More than anything, I want to be an accurate representation of my Savior Jesus Christ. Yeah, I understand there are people who will read this that don’t share my faith, but it is my belief that there are too many Christians who talk the fancy talk instead of walking the difficult walk. I want to show Christ in my actions and how I treat others, not in order to earn Salvation that I already know is mine but in order to show HIS Love.

I want people to understand… like me, you’ve probably been called every derogatory name in the book and will no doubt have many more thrown in your direction. What I want is people to understand more than anything is that you were made the way you are for a purpose. Yeah, you may not agree with that, but there are reasons you are whoever you are and you have a destiny same as anyone else. Don’t let the world try to beat you down with ignorance and hatred. “We’re all different, we’re all strange, who really cares? Let’s just keep dancing” and “Who wants to be ordinary in a crazy, mixed-up world?” are two lyrical examples of my life philosophy. What is “normal”? Who is “normal”? Normal, as far as I’m concerned, is something that doesn’t exist and all for the better. “Ordinary” is boring and something I refuse to make time for.

About Matthew
Christian, Libertarian, Musician, Photographer, Picture editor, Film lover, Lover of art, Artist, Poet, etc…. What you see is what you get. I’ve very sensitive, I over analyze things, I love going barefoot (I follow somewhat of a barefoot lifestyle, in fact:, I’m not perfect, but try to treat people the way I wish to be treated, I have a deep heart and an overactive brain, I’m one of the most nostalgic people you’ll ever meet, I hope to make a future career of music or at least some art form, I am a deeply romantic and loving person, etc…. I’m Me. :)

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  1. nony-mouse

    Matt, you seem like a cool person and it seems like you get the point of jesus message moreso than most who call themselves ‘christians’ yet have no idea what jesus actually taught.

    However, if you genuinely want to spread that message, I would implore you to consider the possibility that by so vocally proclaiming yourself as a christian and wearing your faith on your sleeve, you are in effect ‘othering’ yourself in a way that is extremely offputting to many non-christians.

    as jesus himself said, don’t pray in public to be seen as holy or religious or whatever.. keep it to yourself and teach love through your actions


  2. Scafe 10

    You have great courage and strength!


  3. Anonymous

    I always wondered if there was someone like me out there.


  4. Matt

    Thanks for the comeback, folks. :)


    Scafe10 replied:

    Anytime. I do have an honest question. How do you find a woman to accept you the way you are? They run like hell from me when they see that I have a fem side.


    Matt replied:

    I’m single at the current moment, but I’ve had girlfriends in the past. It’s something I’m taking very seriously at this stage of my life however so I’m trying to wait for one I believe God has for me. My opinion is that the right one will love me for *me*. Not for masculinity or femininity. Not for this or that or whatever the case may be. My heart and soul, nothing more. Period. End of story. Having a feminine side is the sort of thing that open-minded, reasonable women will appreciate anyway. It signals to them that you are slightly more prone to things like sensitivity and nurturing, and somewhat less likely to act like some overly macho caveman (which, I’ve observed, is a major turn off among many ladies). Besides, having a feminine side doesn’t make you a complete female. “Society” has drilled the notion that a man with any sort of feminine tendencies must be gay, but logical human beings see past this sort of nonsense. Be patient and be yourself. The right one will love you for you. The RIGHT reasons and not stupid misconceptions.


    Scafe 10 replied:

    Thanks. I actually had a girlfriend recognize what I was once. She was excited by it and painted my toes with great joy! She wanted me to go out in public with her and show them off! LOL

    Chris replied:

    May I chip in? This is something that has been an issue for me. I’ve always wanted a “perfect” life with a wife and kids but in the few past years I’ve realised that I’m bi and have a very strong feminine side. This has made me realise that I will never have the “perfect” life (if it ever existed at all). But what I will have is a more fulfilling life being the man I really am. I would rather have the one person who loves me for ALL I am rather than the 99 others who would love me for who I’m pretending to be.

    Also Matt I hear you when you say “there are too many Christians who talk the fancy talk instead of walking the difficult walk “. When straight Christians say “Its easy and simple” for the issue of LGBT people I think yeah for you it might be but for me living life as a bisexual trying to live a life that glorifies God is really difficult sometimes. We should get along side others rather than direct them from a mountain of moral superiority

    Matt replied:

    @Scafe 10: Awesome. Rock them out proudly. ;) @Chris: I apologize if I came across as one preaching from a standpoint of a “mountain of moral superiority” if that’s the way you took it. That’s not what I meant at all if so. On the contrary, I meant quite the opposite. I meant those who “talk a fancy talk” being the more self-righteous sort that uses organized religion to bash and judge others. And by “Walking the difficult walk”, acting in a manner more like Jesus Christ than the pharisees that angered Him so. i.e. Accepting others and trying to love everyone for who they are at heart. Not looks, status, etc….

  5. Tracy


    Beautiful profile write-up. It’s a privilege to know you a bit here in cyberspace.


    Matt replied:

    :) <3


  6. Anonymous

    I’m scared


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